Get Privy to Pisces

Yes, they’re imaginative. Sure, they’re sensitive. And naturally, fish have a tendency to float (okay, drown), in their sorrows. But what are some of the things that we don’t know about the sweet souls born under the sign of Pisces? Let’s have a look and see:

The Dark Side
While Gemini may be the sign most commonly associated with duality, seemingly passive Pisceans are almost as two-sided, just in different ways. After all, there are two fish, not just one in the sign’s symbol, and it’s no coincidence. Sweet on one hand, the fish is indeed one of the zodiac’s kindest, but when scorned, they can turn into piranhas!

Sure, a Pisces is not likely to act out in physically aggressive or outwardly angry ways, but remember, these softies are cousins to fellow water sign Scorpio … When a fish’s emotions take over, it will bite! Moreover, they blow venom-filled bubbles in their offender’s direction, determined to take everything around them along as they drown.

Common manifestations in an otherwise gentle Pisces who has been hurt include jealous behaviors, guilt trips, and whining. They also like to play the victim and rarely accept responsibility for any role they’ve played in a problem. In this way, perfectly sane adult fish can come across like bratty little children. Their inability to face reality (when they don’t like what they see), drives them to act in ways that don’t fit with their happier personas.

The Bright Side
On the other hand, some of the unexpected characteristics of the fish are more than positive — they’re positively passionate. When it comes to getting down and dirty, for instance, contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as a cold fish. Rare is the Pisces who doesn’t take their sexuality very seriously. It’s their goal to plumb the depths with their partners and swim in the most simmering of seas. As a result, while they’re rarely given credit for it, Pisces are some of the most creative and attentive lovers around.

When in love (or lust), a Pisces will make it their duty to become a one-person pleasure parade. Think your demure Piscean partner is innocent in the ways of the world? Think again. Inexperience should not be mistaken for lack of interest or prudishness. For the fish, spirituality and sexual connection go hand-in-hand, and they’re open to very devilish behavior as a direct line to heaven, which in their minds, is a deep, fulfilling emotional connection.

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19 thoughts on “Get Privy to Pisces

  1. kelley

    im laughing at all this im a pisces a true one im seeing a taurus oh boy we play games with each other im a brat but i will do anything for any one but dont make me mad i wont say a whole loi but i will get you back for years to come lol. i admit i whine i love attention especially from men the more the merrier lol my kinda boyfriend gets mad lol but i am an attention whore i love being noticed my boyfriend says im very tricky i do go back and forth with things alot especially relationships one day i love him the next i dont then in a minute i love him i say i dont care but i do lol i love being a pisces i definitely will try anything sexually i will have sex even if im mad at him

  2. Angel007

    I am also a fish and alot of all these blogs are true.I didn’t realized it in the pass,but true to the end. With love,with hate,with feelings,etc… And to add,I would say we love “Love” to get it,to give it,to experience it,to need it in our life.

  3. Ni

    This blog is so true and reading some of the comments of women who date Pisces men. I’m like wow are they’re speaking about my guy? I’m a Gemini who’s been with on and off with a Pisces for the past 5 years. I’ve never dated one seriously before him because we’re not usually compatible and I’m usually not attracted to them. But this guy has my heart for life. He’s a really good man with the kindest heart, dedicated to his family, attentive to my needs mentally and physically, for the most part. BUTTTT!!! He has put me through hell and a half with the sneaky lying cheating and manipulating stuff. I tried to walk away so many times and got sucked back in. The last time I left and moved on for 5 months, dating someone else. He then started going for counseling and is still going and asked to try one last time, and honestly he’s been a different person ever since. Still the same good side of the Pisces, but I’m not sure how long he’ll continue to swim with the current before he decides to flip and go against it again. LOL, this coming from a Gemini, who once upon a time was his mirror image in my past relationships (usually it’s us with the short attention span, and the cheating, lying, sneaky stuff). But I guess I met my match.

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  5. brenda

    I am a pisces woman, and having read all of the above I am a Text book Pisces. I am a big baby when i don’t get my way. I am a passionate lover like no other. I am an Adultrist because it keeps me from having to deal with a real relationship which requires Being a grown up. I am the bad side and the good side all rolled into one and it keeps me from aspiring to my potential. I am pretty, funny, intelligent, a hard worker, but alas have a lousy moral compose. Well i am off to jump off a bridge take care all. 🙂

  6. Aries goddess

    i really dislike the lies they tell all over stupid little things because they’re just not wanting to hurt someones feelings..lying about it hurts way more then the truth in my opinion. But other then that they’re my best match as far as the passion and unworldly connection i can share with a pieces. Not only does he know me but he seems to know my soul inside and out. They can be manipulative and yes they victimize themselves always lol but you just have to learn to not let it work or guilt trip you deep down they’re just immature children but with a very mature level of love. The love of my life lets me take charge and even is proud of letting me lead and proud of showing his weakness to me and will tell it to the world i love that about him <3

    he fights for me and never gives up, we share an incredible bond and amazing passion enough to last a lifetime. were soulmates 🙂

    Aries female and Pieces male

  7. Tiffany

    i am a pisces and i think everything that was said is true, however i am in love with a virgo and boy can they criticize someone. it is hard to accept it, bu it can also be a learning lesson.on the other hand i think i dream to much and things never com to reality as far as career wise or being anmy own boss. any insight on this?

  8. Joyce

    I am a 57 yr. young Pisces, who is Married to a 50 yr. old Scorpio, which is suppose to be my best match. Yes it is true that Spiritual and Sexual is the Air that keeps me alive! But unfortunately, My Scorpio mate is not wired like that. Some days are very difficult. I feel as if I am dieing a slow death. Or am I just being a true Pisces, and whining?

  9. linda

    I am a true pisces. So far I have not met my match.Lately I have encountered scammers on line.Why are they picking on me?All I want is a man of my own.

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  11. kurt

    I like this Pisces woman a lot, I try to make her happy but the only time she will call me is if she want, money or for me to do something for her, she acts, like she don,t care a shit about me, why do i like her so much, I just don,t know.

    1. Sagittarius lady

      You like her because she treats you like shit. Try treating her the same way she does to you and watch reality play

  12. jaz03

    I agree that pisces are sweet ,kind, loving, etc. But also have two different sides hot and cold. Ive dated a pisces for 5 years and dating one now for 2. They are very sneaky and dont like to be told about there selfs. But im a libra and we make great lovers!!!

  13. blueyes

    Piceans are some of the kindest caring signs of the zodiac indeed, but also true is we can be vipers if need be, but would much more love to live in harmony my lover as well as myself are both fish, the connection is awesome!!!

  14. miesha

    I am a pisces..and everything said is true. two different sides…the sides could either fight each other…or…join as peacefully. im still fighting with my dark side..and im actually glad i do have it. it makes me more human…more unique. Im loving, caring, sweet, romantic, very minded..never judgemental..and on the other hand….can get very depressed, turn to alcohol, self infliction, dark thoughts..and unfortunately and fortunately it is a part of who I am. Can you tame me? You can try..thats all I can say.

  15. Anna

    idk bout this one lol pieces r very tricky ive dated one now for 9 yrs n his mom is one too their both very sneaky very aggresive peopleand when things arent to their liking all hell breaks loose.Not good when im a hard headed aries! hehehe best way to say this? their not good lovers they cheat and lie and are very money orinated as well EVERYTHING turns into money money money.

  16. Mynerva

    Piscean woman are very deep thinkers, they can take their partners to the deepest levels of the underworld… emotionally and spiritually…they are the best lovers of the zodiac…

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