Full Moon in Sagittarius

Tomorrow’s Full Moon in Sagittarius is an adventurous, philosophical energy that gives us the urge to broaden our horizons. Those horizons may be a literal trip to foreign lands or an exploration of your inner world. Now is the time to examine where you may be holding yourself back from lack of faith, either in yourself or your higher power. Either way, this fiery Sagittarius influence is all about expanding out of your comfort zone so you can live your true path – with more joy, faith and optimism about the future. So think about what you want in your life, and take the steps to realize your dreams.

2 thoughts on “Full Moon in Sagittarius

  1. erika Avendano

    Tomorrow Full moon in Sagittarius, but the date is The date on thedate on the Blog says June 16 2008. What is this means? Is it to old the blog? I’m confused


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