Full Moon in Pisces

If your dreams seem larger than life lately, or your imagination suddenly sweeps you away, it could be the result of the Full Moon in Pisces on September 4, 2009. That luminous round globe in the sky could heighten your psychic powers. Or, it might cloud your clarity – depending on how truthful you are with yourself. After all, Pisces is the sign of both spiritual insight and illusion.

The best way to handle this ethereal influence is to let your creativity run free and pay attention to your intuition. Still, you will want to stay grounded, and do a reality check before taking any drastic action. That way, you’ll expand your connection to Spirit, the gift of Pisces – while still being effective in the outer world.

To find out how the Full Moon can enhance – or challenge – your life during the next week or so, read your Sun and ascendant signs below.

Virgo: Some of your usual poise may go out the window during the Full Moon, and that might prompt a few highly emotional exchanges with your partner. It could also cause some buried relationship issues to surface – possibly related to commitment or to sharing. Use the accelerated lunar energy to break through any emotional blocks that might be keeping love at bay.

Libra: The Full Moon can herald more recognition for your work, if you avoid overreacting to a troublesome co-worker. Your on-the-job creativity will bring you kudos as well, and could lead to romance. You might also look for love during health-related activities, such as an aerobics class. Volunteering your time to a cause will also lead to personal satisfaction – and perhaps a romantic prospect!

Scorpio: Romance is dreamy during the Full Moon, but any issues you have about taking a chance on love will start to face you down this week. Do you dare to open your heart? Now is the time to express how you feel, and you can do it! Your creativity will accelerate as well, so make the effort to promote a creative project that is close to your heart.

Sagittarius: The Full Moon may lead you to feel a bit spacey, but you can use this scattered energy to explore your creativity – especially in your home environment. Family talks and activities will have strong emotional overtones, so strive to stay centered during family gatherings. Expressing your appreciation to those you love will bring fulfillment.

Capricorn: Your words have power during the Full Moon, which energizes your brainpower and your self-expression. It’s time to share your knowledge, insights and expertise with others. Taking a class or going on a trip can lead to opportunities – and may give you a fresh perspective. Open your mind, and see the new – or the newly enhanced – path that lies before you.

Aquarius: The Full Moon may bring a moneymaking opportunity, but be sure it’s realistic. Also, emotional spending will cause cash to flow out of your pocket almost as fast as you can make it. If you focus on the blessings you already have – and express your appreciation for them – you’ll eventually attract more prosperity than you could possibly imagine.

Pisces: It’s your turn to shine! The Full Moon in your sign accelerates your powers of attraction, and it might make you even more emotional than usual – so make the effort to stay grounded. Use your imagination to envision what you want in your life, and then take some steps toward your goals – that will help your dreams to manifest.

Aries: The Full Moon may cause you to drift off into a fabulous daydream, so expect some divine – possibly even outrageous – woolgathering over the next few days. Some of this imaginative angst can be channeled into sexy fun, with a little thought. Also, pay attention to your intuition – which is especially active at this time.

Taurus: Socializing energizes you during the Full Moon, but some of the people you attract may be a bit different, possibly even downright weird. Be open to learning from people in all walks of life, because networking can bring opportunities right now. Love and friendship can be found during group gatherings, such as a party or community event.

Gemini: If you’re unusually restless – particularly about your career – it’s probably the influence of the Full Moon. Channeling this antsy energy into creative projects at work can bring you some well deserved recognition. Also, flirting with a colleague might lead to a romantic interlude – which, in turn, could get you into trouble, so be careful. Networking for legitimate career opportunities might prove more fruitful!

Cancer: Normally home-loving crabs may find themselves yearning for distant lands. Perhaps it’s time to have some new experiences by planning a trip! You might also expand your spiritual or intellectual horizons by participating in a spiritual discussion, or by taking a class. The projects might lead to romance, if you’re so inclined. Expect some inner or outer guidance about your direction as well.

Leo: Lions will shine in the bedroom, especially now. That’s right – the Full Moon is energizing your sex life by heightening your imagination between the sheets. On a deeper level, it may also aggravate an emotional wound that is in need of some healing. Ask yourself what it is that you should release: is there a negative attitude or habit you’re holding on to? Maybe a money issue? It could be time to address that.

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