Finding Your Personal Path With Numerology

Finding Your Personal Path With Numerology

Numerology and Self-Discovery

Each of us is unique, and in numerology, there are many levels of interpretation that tell you not only who you are, but also reveal your path to the future. While sometimes complex, there are five core numbers in numerology that enlighten your path to self-discovery. Using your birthdate and your name given at birth, we can find your five core numbers:

1. Life Path Number. This number is based on the full date of your birth—month, day, and year. This number is the single-most important number in your numerology chart.

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2. Expression Number. Also known as your Destiny Number, your Expression Number is based on the numerological vibration of your name given to you at birth. It points out your strengths and your weaknesses.

3. Personality Number. This number is found in the numerological value of the consonants in your given name. This determines how you are viewed by others based on what you’re willing to share of yourself and to whom.

4. Heart’s Desire Number. This number derives from the numeric vibration of the vowels in your birth name. Imagine someone asking you, “When it comes to love, life, and career, what is your heart’s desire?” This number indicates the reasons for the choices you make in life, and why you are driven to want what you want too.

5. Birth Day Number. This number comes from the very day on which you were born from the 1st to the 31st. This number points you to a specific talent that will surface in life whether through vocation or hobby. This is your first birthday gift—a talent given to you for being born on this specific day.

Now that you know what you can learn from the five core numbers of numerology, wouldn’t it be interesting, fun, and enlightening to have a numerology psychic do your personal chart? For now, however, why not try it out for yourself? Find your Life Path Number using the example below, and then find your most compatible match.

Calculating Your Life Path Number

First, we reduce each unit (month/day/year) of your birth date to a single-digit or a Master number. (We do not reduce Master Numbers such as 11, 22, and 33 while calculating.) Next, add each of the digits (or Master numbers) together and reduce the total to a single-digit (or Master Number). Here’s an example:

Date of Birth: November 14, 1978.

Month: November is the 11th month: 11*

Day: 14: 1+4 = 5

Year: 1978: 1+9+7+8 = 25; 2+5 = 7

Next, add the month, day, and year together: 11+5+7 = 23 (further reduce to single digit) 2+3 = 5. The Life Path Number is 5.

*Note: When calculating the month, day, or year, if you wind up with a Master Number (11, 22 or 33) don’t reduce that number to a single digit; just add it into the total “as is.”

Life Path Compatibility

Life Path 1:

You’re the leader of the pack and are most compatible with happy-to-play-along 3 and adaptable 5 too. Another possibility is a 6 as they get along well with others.

Life Path 2:

Intuitive 2s can find bliss with a visionary Life Path 8 or a cultivated 9 (and of course, 6).

Life Path 3:

Creative 3s can find Life Path 5s to be exhilarating. However, a spiritual 7 can widen your perspective on life.

Life Path 4:

Grounded and relationship-loving, you do well with the purposeful and unwavering 1 and even better with a determined 8. Life Paths 6 and 7 are also good choices.

Life Path 5:

You get along with almost everyone as far as relationships go. However, Life Path 7 gives you both balance, while 1s and 3s are not bad choices. While similar life paths are not generally lasting relationships, two 5s can be the exception.

Life Path 6:

Pick a Life Path Number, any Life Path Number. You get along with just about everyone, with the exception of 3s and maybe another 6 if you’re thinking of the long-haul.

Life Path 7:

Rational 7s should try living with an imaginative 3, or a 5 who can keep you on your toes and guessing. Both certainly add excitement to your life.

Life Path 8:

Life Paths 2 and 6 are your best bet for a lasting relationship. That’s because you need to be somewhat in charge and these two won’t mind letting you have your way.

Life Path 9:

You’re ultra-careful in relationships, but a Life Path 2’s intuitiveness can see past that mask while a 6 can make you feel protected and cared for.

Please note, if you’re a Life Path 11, look at Life Path 2. If you’re a 22, look at Life Path 4, and if you’re a 33, look at Life Path 6 to find your best matches.

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