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If you find yourself being attracted to people in the same age group again and again, then you’ll love Chinese astrology, because it’s primarily oriented to the year of birth rather than the month.

Armed with a person’s birth month and year, it’s easy to search online to find out their ruling sign and the ruling element of their birth year. However, it’s important to double-check. Since Chinese New Year is based on the first new moon in Aquarius, which occurs in January or February, it occurs on a different day every year.

Since both Western and Chinese astrology work with twelve signs, you can transfer this grid onto a blank astrological wheel form for handy reference. Each Chinese sign has a compass direction (north being in the same place as noon on an analog clock, east at three, and so on). Each is also part of a triangle of compatible signs, and a square of less compatible signs (astrologers, note the similarities!).

Direction (clock position)SignCompatible TriangleOpposite: IncompatiblePossibly IncompatibleNatural Element
N (noon)RatRat-Dragon-MonkeyHorseRabbit, RoosterWater
NNE (1)OxOx-Snake-RoosterSheepDragon, DogWater
ENE (2)TigerTiger-Horse-DogMonkeySnake, BoarWood
E (3)RabbitRabbit-Sheep-BoarRoosterHorse, RatWood
ESE (4)DragonDragon-Monkey-RatDogSheep, OxWood
SSE (5)SnakeSnake-Rooster-OxBoarTiger, MonkeyFire
S (6)HorseHorse-Dog-TigerRatRabbit, RoosterFire
SSW (7)SheepSheep-Boar-RabbitOxDragon, DogFire
WSW (8)MonkeyMonkey-Rat-DragonTigerSnake, BoarMetal
W (9)RoosterRooster-Ox-SnakeRabbitHorse, RatMetal
WNW (10)DogDog-Tiger-HorseDragonSheep, OxMetal
NNW (11)BoarBoar-Rabbit-SheepSnakeTiger, MonkeyWater

It’s important to note that (for example) although Tiger and Rabbit are naturally ruled by Wood, in a particular year each sign can be ruled by any element, since the elements cycle through the Zodiac in pairs every sixty years. 2010, for example, was a Metal Tiger year, and 2011 is a Metal Rabbit year. The way the elements interact is pretty subtle, and can be a bit confusing, so save that information for at least intermediate level study!

Here’s a bit about how each sign behaves in a romance, partnership or marriage.

Tiger. Impetuous, given to grand gestures, and with a tendency to be possessive, Tigers can paradoxically also insist on their own personal freedom. Great lovers, challenging but rewarding mates for the right person.

Rabbit. Very smooth and cultured, Rabbits are very sensitive underneath, and tend to withdraw and even seem cold when relationship challenges hit. When they’re feeling secure, this idealistic sign can be very romantic.

Dragon. Dragons tend to marry young, or stay happily single most of their lives. They thrive on excitement in relationships, but aren’t players. They shoot straight from the heart; if they say they love you, you can bank on it.

Snake. They’re so passionate about everything, but slow to commit, that some worry about infidelity. On the contrary, Snakes can be very possessive, partly because they want to totally merge with their lovers: body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Horse. Horses fall in love easily, thrive on high drama and romance, and can be perfectly delightful mates if you give them plenty of freedom. With the right partner they’re totally committed, in spite of their roving eye.

Sheep. Be prepared to embark on a courtship with all the trimmings if you want Sheep for a partner. They love romance, but you could find yourself giving more than you receive. Sheep reward your care with easygoing appreciation.

Monkey. With cleverness and an irresistible sense of humor, Monkeys make fascinating lovers. Because of their craving for adventure, Monkeys are easily distracted, needing a devoted partner to sustain a marriage.

Rooster. If you crave excitement in your relationships, Roosters can be a fun choice. They’re great flirts, but aren’t always adept when it comes to the deeper expressions of love and commitment. Flattery will get you everywhere.

Dog. Dogs take all their relationships very seriously, and are willing to go to great lengths on behalf of friends and family. Willing to put a lot of effort into their marriage or partnership, they need your love and loyalty in return.

Boar (Pig). Passionate, sensual and deeply committed, Boars love with all their hearts, and are more than willing to overlook partners’ shortcomings. Physical affection is extremely important to them.

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  1. Robynn

    You have no information regarding the RAM that corresponds to the chart or descriptions, nor is it on the chart that is linked to this page, although reference is made re; the RAM there. Here is the reference that was made:

    [b/]Ram[b] (1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015): The Monkey and the Ram are a spontaneous, travel-loving couple who can change their plans on a whim and never miss a beat. If this relationship is first based on a solid friendship, then that will keep them close throughout any challenges they may face.

    Please tell me who else the Ram is compatible with, and not compatible with.

    Please send me the information via email.

    Thank You,

    Kind Regards;


  2. Robynn

    You have no information regarding the RAM that corresponds to the chart or descriptions, nor is it on the chart that is linked to this page, although reference is made re; the RAM there. Please send me the information via email.

    Thank You,

    Kind Regards;


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  4. stephanie

    I, too, was looking for a description for The RAT… Can you please forward info to me by email if you manage to complete that for those interested? Thank you!!!

  5. Diego

    Hey Verbena this article really did help me understand myself better and thanks so much for all of your articles, they are a lot of help to me. . .

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  7. kj44

    Hi Verbena–I thought your descriptions of how each chinese sign behaves in love relationships was spot on. What about the rat and ox? I didn’t see them listed. –your fan, the horse (of course)

  8. frances

    hi Verbena thanks I love this post , I am a horse looking for a dog…..what sign is the dog I wonder in western astrology .

  9. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Verbena,
    I’m a monkey……looking for my dragon……or just a lovable furry gorilla maybe ???????
    Any takers???? ( only kidding)

    I enjoyed your chinese astrology articles……

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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