Find Harmony During Mercury Retrograde in Libra

Find Harmony During Mercury Retrograde in Libra | California Psychics

Breeze Through Mercury Retrograde

For the third and final time of the year, we will be dealing with a Mercury retrograde cycle. From September 27 to October 18, Mercury will dance through another Air sign, the diplomatic and partnership-focused sign of Libra. As this sign rules over socializing, balance, justice, and partnerships, we should prepare ourselves for miscommunication within our relationships. Prior to 2021, most Mercury retrogrades have taken place in the emotional Water signs, but this year all of our Mercury retrogrades were in the social and mentally focused Air signs, so anticipate feeling extra confusion when it comes to communication and thinking.

Mercury Retrograde Horoscope


While you usually can count on your quick remarks and equally quick thinking, you might find yourself searching for the right words when you need them most. Even regular day-to-day interactions could hit some snags and cause drama and misunderstandings. Take extra time when responding to emails and texts.


Make sure that you are present in your relationships. Put a bit more effort into truly listening to and making your partner feel as if you care about what they feel or say. Don’t lose yourself to abstract thoughts and daydreams.


While other signs will be having a hard time finding the right words, you, dear Gemini, need to guard against being too gossipy during this retrograde. Make sure that what you are sharing is based on truth instead of being mere hearsay.


Are you feeling forgetful? It could be because of Mercury retrograde. Try keeping a small notebook nearby to help you keep track of everything that needs to be done during your days, just to help keep things organized and to save yourself from stress.


Although you are usually able to pick up on the big picture relatively quick, you might feel as if you are a bit behind the times. You may also be prone to arguments over the smallest of issues, so remember to take a deep breath, step back, and try to take a fresh look at the situation.


Stop picking everything apart! Your drive to put things in a more logical form may backfire on you at this time. Just try to take things as they are, and you will find this retrograde much easier to live with.


If there were any unresolved issues prior to the retrograde you will find that they have blown up to insane proportions. Your usual ability to diffuse situations may be lacking its usual punch, leading to some frustration on your part.


Be wary of your inner dark temptress/tempter and its desire to get out and have some fun. You may find yourself wrestling with issues of jealousy and possessiveness, and if you can’t keep it under control, your relationships could be seriously affected.


Now is not the time to be thinking big, my friend. Focus on what is close at hand and easy to obtain, as the bigger the project the more people you might need to bring in. Too many people mean more chances for drama. Check with your inner circle frequently.


Although you usually have the uncanny ability to read people, you might find yourself hitting a bit of a block. This is a great time to learn how to read micro-expressions and other subtle cues that you will find especially helpful once the retrograde is done.


You might find yourself looking for more connections during this time. And while others may have a hard time getting their points across, you will most likely find yourself having an easier time communicating with people. You could easily find yourself in the odd position of mediating for others.


You will need to be vigilant with your closest relationships. This cycle could find the ties that bind fraying at the ends, and it will take a lot of patience and care to keep everything on an even keel.

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