Your December 2017 Mercury Retrograde Horoscope

Mercury Retrograde is a Gift

For every sign, the December 2017 Mercury retrograde is an intense one. While most articles focus on taking care of contracts, communications, major purchases, and travel (which is always true with Mercury retrograde), the more soulful description is often ignored.

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The Gift

Mercury retrograde is actually a gift if you look within, review actions, and speak to your spirit. There are opportunities to complete unfinished promises and review your circumstances too. It’s also a great time to “unplug” and refresh.

Geminis and Virgos

Geminis and Virgos feel Mercury retrograde intensely. This retrograde is in Sagittarius from December 3 to December 22. This is double the impact for Geminis and Virgos, along with Sagittarius and Pisces.

The Shadow Period

The shadow period (when you begin to feel Mercury’s changes) begins December 5. As a result, you’ll feel your rich connection to the wisdom of nature. You’ll also connect to planet Earth and all its creatures deeply. Your December 2017 Mercury Retrograde Horoscope reveals even more.


You’ll feel the spirit of this retrograde and a sense of release when you clean up your work or communications. Put excess energy into physical exercise. Be certain you’re staying calm when you drive. And start directing that energy into building something solid for your career.


You have a soulful approach to this December 2017 Mercury retrograde period. It starts for you in early December. Be generous, especially if you’re considering forgiving someone so you can move on. It will open the door to Spirit and personal growth.


With Mercury as your ruler, you’re often uncomfortable with Mercury retrograde. That’s because you have to slow your forward motion and look back. But the December  2017 Mercury retrograde can bring richness to your communications and relationships. Just breathe deeply, slow down a bit, and listen closely. It’s time to begin that book or blog you’ve been planning or dig deeper into that special relationship.


The emotional depths and the inspiration of this retrograde period should be funneled into creative efforts. Make time to review old situations, and then move forward with your work or in building relationships. You will certainly enjoy the benefits.


Be flexible in your love life, creative pursuits, and with children. However, you may have to rethink communications and make corrections. Things may not evolve as you’ve planned or on the same timeline, but adapt and success will be yours.


You may have challenges at home and may have to make repairs there. Or, you may have to revise communications with parents or other family members. Life will move quickly! Just keep your spiritual focus and end this period with a huge breakthrough in finances or romance.


The December 2017 Mercury retrograde is all about watching what you say. You’re charming and cooperative, but you’ll need to speak from your heart for others to respond. If you do, you’ll be valued more and this could also benefit your bank account.


You’re feeling freer these days with a richer life. However, you need to pay attention to your intuitive voice while also giving attention to anything that impacts your finances. Then this area of your life will go well. Your hard work will reveal the success you’ve been anticipating.


This Mercury retrograde takes place in your sun sign. It’s quite powerful for you, so watch how you express yourself. This means that if you make a joke, be certain it’s taken as intended. Your words tell others who you are. You can grow in their eyes if you’re clear and loving.


You’ll be surprised by the passion unleashed to drive you toward your goals. Your sign ruler, Saturn, is at home in Capricorn, bringing completion to many projects over the next few years. Therefore, if you listen to your heart you’ll see your goals coming into view.


Friends and social activities dominate your life during this retrograde. While that’s not shocking for the holidays, you’ll feel like you’re in a whirlwind much of the time. Always double-check communications and plans.


Take care of your career and public image. Let your intuition and sensitivity guide everything you share. As a result, you’ll find your professional status and loving relationships continue to grow.

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