Dating Your Own Sign

When it comes to cosmic compatibility, the question often arises: wouldn’t it make the most sense to settle down with someone of the same sign? After all, two people with the same Sun placement would share mutual understanding, common interests, and a similar world view … or would they? There is some truth to the idea of same-sign compatibility, but make no mistake — there are plenty of complications, too.

Have a look at your Sun Sign (as well as your rising) to see if seeing someone similarly star-aligned might just work for you:

Water bearers are known for big ideas and dodging convention. Odds are, the two of you could be best friends. Trouble is, connection may not be the easiest here, as you both tend to shy away from expressing (or even experiencing) the deepest of emotions.

No other sign can match sweet-natured Pisces’ ability to romanticize … and that’s just what fishes do in relationships — dream about the beautiful possibilities, but distance themselves from harsher realities. While this can make for an especially romantic ride when two fish come together, it can also result in co-dependency if you’re not careful.

Fire, fire, fire! Two Rams together will be a passionate pair, and a dual Aries relationship may be a ton of fun. On the other hand, passion of this persuasion often leads to locking horns. Historic fights (and potentially, unresolved issues — since both Aries likely need to ‘win’) may ensue.

If two Taureans are of the same opinion, then a perfect pair they may just make. On the other hand, if their world views fall on opposite sides of the spectrum, neither Bull is going to budge. Luckily, the sheer magnitude of sensual chemistry here may make up for areas that lack.

If a simply social pairing is what floats your boat, look no further. There will be no shortage of conversation and communication when two heady Gemini’s get together (after all, there will be four of you)! But if settling down and building a life is on your agenda, look out! Two sets of Twins have eight wandering eyes and an abundance of energy, which may be tough to tie down.

Caring to the core, two Crabs make easy mates. Your home will be comfortable and cozy, and you’ll love each other to death. Conversely, you might bore each other to death too … sexually speaking. A nurturing friendship and long-term companionship are givens here, but keeping the spark may spell trouble.

The star of the zodiac rarely shares center stage. So what are two lions to do? If there’s any hope of a Leo pair lasting, both will need to learn to make the other feel special. With fire to spare and passion a plenty, the one area where this should be no problem is the bedroom!

Kill the inner critic and two Virgos may make each other happy. After all, with discerning taste and a penchant for perfection, they’ll measure up to each other’s standards. The danger lies in going overboard with the analysis. No pairing is perfect, no matter how hard two Virgins may try. Accept this and flourish.

The sign of the scales is all about fairness — trouble is, Librans rarely speak up for perceived injustices done to them. Translation? While two Libras may enjoy the same things (namely, the finer variety) and want a life of harmony together, unexpressed problems have the tendency to lurk below the surface. Speak up and stay together.

Like fellow Water Sign Cancer, two Scorpions can make a promising pair. Emotionally deep and sexually adventurous, the connection is fierce and potentially lasting … unless trust is an issue. Then, things can turn ugly fast. Beware the wrath of a suspicious Stinger. The only thing worse is two of them turned against each other!

Two Archers together may last forever. A spirited couple you share the same sense of adventure and intellectual curiosity. Though you’re both opinionated, you don’t mind disagreeing. Fights may be fierce, but that only makes the making up more worthwhile.

Realism rules this relationship. The polar opposite of Pisces, a two Capricorn partnership will be based on the facts — just the facts. You see each other accurately and use logic to move your relationship forward. On the other hand, because of these tendencies, romance may be lacking. The only plus side to this lack of luster? Neither Goat will really miss it.

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