Dating a Sagittarius

If you love the outdoors and despise the unpredictable, you’re in for a treat with sexy Sagittarius, the Sun Sign in the spotlight for most of this month. Above all else, The Archer is an adventurer. Athletic and eager to challenge themselves, they’re always up for an unexpected thrill. Invite them camping, skiing, bungee jumping or hang gliding and they’ll be impressed. Suggest trying new languages, visiting distant countries or sampling exotic foods and they’ll be game. Best of all, your Sagittarius will be open to your interests, too. For this Fire Sign, every unexplored territory is an opportunity.

Chatty, charming and maybe too candid
Gifted conversationalists who are more than comfortable entertaining a crowd, Sagittarius’s many adventures mean they’re rarely at a loss for engaging stories. On the downside, their eagerness to entertain can mean they speak first and think later, if at all. Translation: they’re blunt. Unchecked, Sag may say things that are at best inconsiderate and at worst, downright offensive.

So unless you’ve been assured of an Archer’s discretion, you may want to rethink taking them as your date to the office holiday party! Also, be aware that Sag’s witty nature makes them quite the unwitting flirt. While they seldom have bad intentions and may even be unaware of their charms, their perceived pick ups can be destructive all the same. Worse still, don’t expect to reason with an Archer on this subject, even if you’re rightly offended. Fiercely independent by nature, Sag can’t tolerate the jealousy or possessiveness their disarming behavior is likely to provoke.

Have goal, will focus…
Sag’s driven nature often indicates achievement in all endeavors. As a result, expect a fiercely optimistic success story, who will nonetheless crave recognition for their accomplishments. While a successful Sagittarian can come off as arrogant, they’re also sincerely generous and will likely share both the details and the rewards with their mate. That said, the Archer is likely to change aim without warning.

It doesn’t matter that they’ve just achieved a record-breaking promotion or made headway on the year’s biggest account, when Sagittarius is restless, their wandering nature compels them to move on. And this characteristic can cross over into relationships.

The Archer in love
Honesty is of supreme importance to The Archer, who will always be upfront and expect nothing less in return. Sagittarius is sincere, optimistic and generous when it comes to relationships and their spontaneity and enthusiasm make for a wild ride. However, a flaky nature can lead to short-lived passions that burn brightly — and sputter suddenly. In addition, ambitions may dictate that Sag drifts from home, becoming an absent or inattentive mate. And despite their charisma, it’s not uncommon for the Archer to have difficulty expressing affection. Not a natural cheater — it would violate that sacred sense of fairness and honesty – take note if Sag says they’re not interested in something serious.

These Fire Signs who resist commitment aren’t afraid to tell the truth, which is that they crave new experiences. So while Sag may seem wholeheartedly dedicated to you, if they say they want to see other people, too, they probably already are.

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43 thoughts on “Dating a Sagittarius

  1. sparket

    I married a Sag, Who I am madly in love with. I am a Libra and We got IT!! He was in the past a so called Playa with others, but has completely changed his life around for me a total 360. He even moved out of his home state to be with me. Selling everything he loved house, dog, Changed jobs Etc.. People can’t be stereo typed for their sign .. Either that or Libra and Sagittarius are just a great match.

  2. eagleeye7

    I am a Sagittarius (female). It is true that we don’t like to feel trapped and love our space. We are very expressive. Don’t like people who pretend to be something they’re not just to impress others. We consider such people hypocrites, followers. We are very sensitive and can sense when someone is not telling the truth. We are very open and don’t like ‘sugar coating’ anything. Sometimes we can be harsh, because we want to be understood and want to get our point across. We like to be clear on things. I personally dislike monotony, I am very spontaneous. Don’t like repetitive anything. Like new adventures, and like to travel.
    I don’t like to feel unstable. Like to know where I stand. And that ground has to be solid, not quicksand. Love to fight for what I believe in. Extremely independent and love investing and see my money grow. Love to succeed in life in everything I set my mind to do. Don’t like men to treat me roughly, like them to see my inner beauty and want them to know that if I seem distracted is because I love to devote all my attention in something I am doing to obtain and succeed in what I set my mind to do. People misinterpret Sagittarius free spirit. Just like a wild horse don’t like a rope tied around its neck, neither do we. We are like the wind, love the freedom. Love our private space. I love making money, sorry guys, but it is one of our good qualities to be honest. Don’t like men who are stingy and careless with money. Love a giving heart but not someone who has poor money management. Making poor decisions that cost us Sagittarius time and money. If you are not ready to give Sagittarius all he or she expects from you, better not even think of mating any of us.

  3. Carol

    I married a Scorpio Illness ended that relationship. Then I lived with a Libra for a couple years.fine mundane.Then married a cancer. (Not).
    My favorite boyfriend from my high school days was an Aries and my very favorite. So, I shoot for an Aries Male anyone interested? Sagitarius in waiting

  4. Christine

    I am a sagittarius and the love of my life is a taurus. He is much slower in getting his plans carried out,than I can sometimes handle. It can take 2hours to leave the house to go grocery shopping. ai always like to plan ahead, be organized,have all my tools available,believe in preparation and getting things done. He is more like “tomorrow is another day”,so I just leave him to his put-putting around and go do something else,read a book or take a napThis taurus does have a calming effect on me and takes the stress away. He is very funny and always makes me laugh,very jealous but extremely protective and he is very smart. He loves me and always has some little thing to give me but he also has given me large gifts that I didn’t want to accept but he says to see me happy makes him happy and money has a much lesser value than love. He is the best,most skilled lover I have had,when he feels he’s “in the mood” but has a much lower sex drive than I have tho he is worth waiting for. He’s a big romantic, a great father to his kids and very dedicated. I never,ever really worry about him cheating on me,the thought only crosses my mind because I remember my leo and virgo men keeping busy that way. My taurus would never cheat. Actually I would be more prone to do it than he would ever be,just because he has less fire than I do and it seems to be a long wait until I get to be with him again. I have no desire to be with anyone else tho. If sag exercises a little patience and understanding for taurus’ slow but thorough ways,this can be a great time together.

  5. Linda

    Oh yes, by all means stay away from us. We juggle lovers like oranges. NOT. You know that song by 38 Special-“Hold On Loosely But Don’t Let Go”? That must have been penned by a Sagittarian. We can’t stand to be smothered or controlled, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t loving and fiercely loyal. I was once accused of not being “romantic” enough. I must have penned 20 poems inspired by my muse, but that wasn’t romantic? What, must I be doe-eyed and sigh a hundred sighs? Ruled by Jupiter, we live large & think large. Flakey? Maybe blowing kisses to our lover pales in comparison to the adventure that is life. “Give me a horse and some land and the starry skies above, don’t fence me in”, lyrics to an old cowboy song that express our nature. Because we are so honest we tend to assume that our affection is understood. So sue me if my deepest passions are expressed in the bedroom. Maybe the fire scares you?

  6. Sharon

    He’s Sag and I’m Taurus. We are friends and I’m considering a serious relationship with him. After reading the comments so far, I’m reconsidering the relationship. He in facts does have a problem with commitment and staying faithful. I explained it by saying he hadn’t met the right person because I believe when it’s the right person you will not cheat. Sounds like I’m wrong. What’s your opinion of a Sag and Taurus connecting?

  7. star

    i am a sag… n i love a sag.. so do you thibk its a good match???

    because both of us are quiet, calm and does not reveal everything every easily.

    i think Sag match well with Aries or Leo..

    both will be in good in understanding..

    so what do you guys think??

  8. JoAnne

    Im a Sagattarius lady and in love with an Aries man. I believe being true to my partner. Couldn’t see my self being a cheater or having an open relationship. A one woman man. I enjoy the outside life with my Aries i just dont like when he starts to look at other females when im around. I am committed to ths man and i want him to know that i love him. But be honest to me because Saggattarius dont like to be lied to at any time. We are great companion if you treat us right. We are passionate individuals and love to be loved and when we talk we can be very interesting, and sincere. Give the Sag a chance we are all not that bad. We especially like to be respected in the home and out of the home. We only can handle what we can hande excuse us for becoming irritated but we are human also. To my Aries i do love you but you need to start treating me better.Our signs are a match and i enjoy your company. Just know this ok love you



    I dated a sag. off & on for 6 years & I will never date another sag. The man I dated has a heart of gold but never tells the truth about anything. He only takes care of himself & is very irresponsible. If I needed any financial help he would give money in a second but he couldn’t communicate or take anything serious. He expected me to take care of him but when I needed care due to illness he was NEVER there for me. I would hope that sags are not all like him but I’ve had enough lies, irresponibility & am more than positive he is not partner material.

  10. Devry

    I also love the fall and the sidewalk sale. What I dont like are all the laeves that are left on the sidewalks in front of the stores of some merchants. I have severe allergies that are stirred up by walking over the laeves that have been left to break down like so much shredded wheat. It doesnt take that long to rake up the laeves. Maybe we should encourage the Chamber of Commerce to buy a leaf blower [I hate those things too but that is another story] and a snow blower [ditto] that can be shared by the merchants which winter and fall.

  11. rene

    Live is very short. If you can make some one happy thru giving affection,love,caring,call it what you want, to another human. Is this not what we receive in most cases from our parents and everyone around us. Why is it that socity,Rules and Religions, Diverted. Made by others that want it for the control of the mases should have anyithing to do with me or us.I was born along & so was everyone els and you will die alone thas the only thing that sincerly is true. Love Love & LOVE SINCERLY Stop going opposite to your nature you will make a better world for all of us, think if that was the case just think. WOW! What a world this would be WAR,HATE,DISPUTE .all the bad you can think of, that you live with every day,erase from man kind and think as the person next to you is the very person that was born in your arms to beging with and if you dont get the same back (remenber) Giving love makes you happy, happy is contagious teach people to love ,maybe we can change thing around It IS our Nature [LOVE}, not what sociaty leads us to believe.SOOOOOO! thats how I Think.

  12. jeff

    I am a sag and very much in love with a scorpio. We have been married for 11years in 4 more days. I believe sag loves the chase more than the catch, but that does not mean that sags dont like the catch. I have never cheated on my wife and I never will. Just because we love our freedom, and dont like to be controlled doesn’t mean we are cheaters when we are in a relationship. How can you call yourself a true sag if you can’t be honest and fair, which is two of our valued virtues, when your in a relationship. It would be more like a sag if you got out of a relationship first if you wanted to pursue another attraction. I feel sad for some of you that have come accross these fake sags, but we all have a few bad apples. To my scorpio I want to say “Happy Anniversary” The chase was definetly unforgetable, but the catch could not be any more wonderful. I Love You Babie.

  13. Randy

    THis is the old sag. All I can say is life has been good and bad. I’ve tried love with women all my live always come up on the short end. Paid for homes and cars worked my self to the bone and I have mytral valve. I feel old and tired and the docs want let me drive much or work anymore so I’m all gave out. If and when I manage to get my SSDI I believe we’ll stick it out on MY own. Anybody can be nice awhile and I think I’ve had about all the marrital bliss I CAN STAND.

  14. Dr. Margie

    I am a sag been married for 41 years to a virgo! We are sepated “my chose, I have know it was coming to a end for 4 years, I tryed to make it work, The love for him was gone.
    He wanted to stay home all the time, and it was driveing me crazy, Iam 71 year old and starting over, I have my clinic and friends! been on my owen for 5 month” love it! I am not looking back, I refuse to let life pass me by, I love my freedom to travel and explore new things for the first time in my life. He tryed to control me all the time, It did not work so he gave up trying! we started out with love it worked until he quit his job that took him on the road and just home on week ends that was great. I can understand he wanted to stay home but he wanted to come to the clinic and help me, that was wrong. I tryed to show him new thing to do like golf or fishing but he wanted me there to. He is 65 year old and a very wonderful person for somebody else,
    he would do any thing for me, thats why it was so hard for me to leave him. I am who Iam a freesprit and that not what he needs.

  15. doreen

    im intrested in a sagittarius and hes intrested in me in witch im a leo what i do to talk to him his is danny

  16. spencer

    i am a sag and i enjoy my life the way it is, and i love my freedom. no matter the sign you belong to, live your life the way it will please you and others around you!

  17. Bill

    I have been reading my horoscopes for quite some time and I am very scepitcal as to weather or not they acctually work. Can you set me more clear on this?

  18. S Reese

    I am a sag one thing i know for sure sag don, like to play games or be playe with when they get to the point to where they wants to settle down which is very rare they r serious they will bring ther seriousness to the plate straight up front and they do strongly suggests u do the same they on they other hand can be a little bossy and aggressive but they can be honest and faithful such as i was and am the oppersite the other partner was not faithful or loyal at all and a big lier LOL.

  19. jacqueline

    im married to a sagittarius for twelve years known him for fiftheen all he does is cheat on me when i first met him he madepromises to my family he would care good care of and my children and that he loves me very much he been been mean and abusive to mean and my children he the biggest cheater and liar youll ever know he con these women telling them he loves them he doesnt even know the meaning of love gets in trouble with the law ive been a good lwife to him help him use me with my money his a back stacber talk bad about asian mexican and pillippino wome but now hes cheating with some mexican women on his job i know what goes around comes around it will soon come back on him and her also i derserve better i realize now theres plenty of good men out there he nothing but a loser

  20. shorty hutch

    Im a sag and i dont like anyone bossin me around at all.I really dont like it when i have to to all the work around the house. Most of all im dealing with i want to be with my ex but she dislike me right now and im in a relationship i love her but its just something different that i cant connect with her i try but i just cant she makes me happy, but its just something that im missing.

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  22. Sir LanceAlott

    A lot of these things are tru of Saggs. I’m one and I don’t like being pressured or bossed. I Njoy being pampered & giving pamper. I’m really big on giving/receiving affection. I am really generous on gifts and like the same in return. If I give my love,devotion & faithfulness but don’t get it back in return, I’m subject to snatch my membership from the relationship…LOL

  23. Leola Cage

    what I” Notice about a.Sagittarius,and What I “Like and don’t like about “Sags” ‘once dated a. sag,and “He is ,all that the comments describes ‘Him to be,”Which may,or may not be suited to “My nature!! { first} I will tell what I don’t like about Sags — ,But No! one seem to Notice “how CHEAP sag’s can be,they are always looking for deals,they commit to “Making you fall in Love with them,and when they have won your Heart ‘then they ‘start ” Fault Finding, they hate to spend money on you,”When they give you something ‘They expect you to Do everything”That they Say,from then on,and on,and on.forever! they takes too much Pride in petty, material things! they likes to wear the same clothes for too long,until they are ragga and faded out,while they ‘save their good cloths,socks,ts-jocks,yes and even sits,and they expect their mates to do the same! they like to save food in the frig-til it spoils!they lks to hang with too many of the “Same sex”( men with men, women with women)they are too bossy,and tries to Re-raise” their Mates” comment!

  24. Electa

    Yes, Sag is afraid to commit.. but he can’t control pisces.. sometimes difficult to predect this two signs for compatibility… at times sag has a heart to fully develope feelings with pisces to the bottom.. but once this 2 signs will be given the chance to just accept and understand the differences is just a part of relationship.. i believe this 2 signs compatibility is great can live harmony if sag will only give a little way to pisces sensitivity. lol

  25. Electa

    I am pisces my bf is sag.. he learns a lot from me being sensitive and i learned a lot from him being idealistic we both understand each other’s traits.. just problems bothers us is the distance we have.. i am from asia and he from USA. lol the way he express his feelings his desires seems irritated me which very natural for sags and i am a very cultured manner woman.. wondering how we can work it out together what’s btwn us.. but the feelings is very mutual

  26. Maria D

    I am a sag and that is so true I love freedom and hate feeling like im being controlled , I also love studying and aim for success , love travelling have studied an International Travel & tourism Diploma compleating in 2 weeks ill graduate. also studies computing already graduated, currently studying Real Estate 6 months till compleation. I am not Pregnant with my first child now at 24 years old and life is still fun, I enjoy every minute of my life and live it to the fullest , you only live once. Alot of people think Im crazy because if I want to go watch a movie or travel to a different country , feel like getting dressed up or going to a fancy restaurant, I do it sometimes on my own, the way I see it if you wait for someone to be free from work or have the money to travel etc you’ll probebly never get to do it. So therfor I have travelled to places like Thailand, australia etc all on my own gone to movies by myself or fancy restaurant and that doesent bother me at all, because I refuse to let life pass me by because I want to go with someone and there busy. After all If you can’t enjoy your own company then who can enjoy your company. Opportunity comtive familyes arround once when it does you grab it with both hands and run with it
    Thats what I believe thats how I live my life I love my freedom to travel and explore love learning new things and languages of which I speak a few different ones. Once I have my baby after 2 years or so I will be doing flight attending this has been my dream Job since the age of 6 for the last 16years and Im finally gonna do it , the only way I can do this is becuase I have a strong supportivede family. I am very family orrientated and love them to bits.

    Thats the life of a sag and the way I live my life , But what I read is so TRUE.

  27. rosemary

    i am a sag,and most of the traits i read are pretty much the truth. my husband has sexually
    cheated on me many times, but that is something i just cannot do,i do not believe in it!!!!!!! i have my ways of gettin even!!!!!!!!!!!!! i will tell you like it is,no holds barred…………….one of my favorite sayings is from a song. i am woman,i hope my family puts it in my ephtaf?spelling i love totally.and don’t shop around, but i did find someone on a social thing,and did ask my husband if he thought i should go ahead and make a date,and he said no……………my husband is a virgo. we will be married 30 years feb 22 2012. oh, correction noted, i’ve married for thirty years,not him of course…….. let down and sad

  28. Ms.Chanti

    Lol This is TRUE! and interesting at the same time. I am a Sag and this article made me learn a little more about myself.

  29. guennevirre cruz aviles

    Well im totally in sympathy with you …. the only thing i can say is live the moment lifes too short to wonder what ifs live for ur child . love life and those around you that provide the support you need good luck

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