Date and Love a Virgo

dating a virgo

Virgos are body-conscious and health=focused relationship types. In understanding their own internal unease you can learn to date and love a Virgo.

Dating the Perfectionist

If you’ve been flirting with the idea of pairing up with a Virgo, here are some secrets about the Zodiac’s most logical and sometimes complicated sign. If that sounds a bit contradictory, then you already have an idea of who you’re dealing with and perhaps a glimpse of what you can expect, because Virgo would never admit any of it, not even to themselves.

Capturing Virgo’s Attention

Virgos are notoriously hard to describe. This is one sign that doesn’t come in a neat little box as you might expect they would if you believed all the clichés that are associated with this sign. However, one thing is for sure, Virgos are very body conscious, not only about how they keep themselves in shape on the outside, but also about what they put into their bodies. If you appear to be someone of a similar nature, who works out and eats healthy for the most part, then you’ve caught their attention. Of course, that’s just the beginning.

Date a Virgo

Virgos can be show offs. However, even if they approach you with confidence, chances are that their stomach is rumbling with nervous tension. On a personal note, just know that if they’re going out of their way to impress you, you’ve already impressed them. They may appear on the outside to want a salad-eating Barbie, but they secretly want someone who is capable of seeing past the outside, someone who touches the other mystical part of their fantasy date, someone with depth and emotional availability.

Love a Virgo

If you can picture Katy Perry in a suit of armor at a Halloween party, you might guess she’s come dressed as a Virgo. Despite their staunch exterior, inside they’re one hot and sexy inferno. Virgo’s challenge is to meld their fantasy with the reality of what actually exists in their lives. They dream about having the ideal mate, someone who knows them so well, and vice versa, that you both intuitively give each other what you most want and need. They may even want it so badly that they’ll almost convince themselves that it may be impossible to attain. It’s possible, though, and a smart Virgo will figure this out.

Yes, it’s true, they do really want a relationship, despite how they may appear—as someone who’s got it all together and is fully self-sufficient. Inside though, they long for an affectionate, loving connection. They need someone who appreciates their sensible side, while also appealing to their amorous side. The may never feel fully at ease with themselves, but by allowing Virgo to feel more at ease with you, it helps them to open up to a meaningful connection. Give them the ability to let go and drop all the angst they feel about themselves and you will have a relaxed and loving partner.

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101 thoughts on “Date and Love a Virgo

  1. Terri

    I am a Virgo female. Born on September 4, 1979. All I can say is “WOW”!!! ha….. I am a sensitive woman and love to eat healthy, take care of myself/loved ones, 🙂 and home but i somehow feel that you take our astrological signs to heart. We are each unique, that being said. Don’t blame us “Virgos” for your lack of a continuing relationship. Don’t get me wrong. I believe in astrology. But, I do believe that when you love and are loved back, no sign can match that or interfere. It’s all about connection…. Isn’t it?
    take care,

  2. Gaila

    I am a Virgo…Born September 11th. Now how do you like that..anddd…911 for emergency…sehhesshh…has that made my birthday sooo much fun.
    But I always say…we Virgos are good dependable and could be a wonderful friend. Some other signs can just seem to push our buttons to the extream.
    sooo no one is perfect anyway.. May I ask Rose what do you mean about that the overly intelligent qroup you are talking about??

  3. Dreea

    Im a Sag and the guy Im involved with is a Virgo. And..oh my god I swear it’s been a rollercoaster ride for 17 years!! We met when I was in High school, he never wanted to be my boyfriend but wanted to be just friends. I didn’t understand it then but I understand it now.I gave up after him not being intrested,at least in my eyes. 5 years after we met I broke it off and I moved on with my first love. We still talked but lost contact for 5 years. I was single We recently hooked up( 3 years now) after finding him on a social network.Things have been well, but I felt things were going to be the same.

    Last week, I asked him where I stood with him and how he thought things were going.He said it was good but seem like he wanted to see how things are day to day bases as he is trying to get on his feet.I agreed but he explained to me that he has been different then most men and takes his time.He said that is he has been with me for 17 years,because he needed to see if I would be that woman he can respect, have kids with, and be with for a long time. It then clicked, he is a true virgo. He is a Perfectionist to the core and wants everything to go right before he can settle down at ease.This process has been slow & trying . If it wasnt for his personality and him being a gentleman I woulda left him in the wind without second thought of contacting him again. Things are looking well for him now after 3 years of trying and he mentioned that when things are in order, a ring might be in the near future. Never heard that before, but time will tell.

  4. Martha

    Some of the descriptions of a Virgo really sound like an Aries! So I would suppose that there are definitely other factors than a persons sun sign. Tha anger issue….so typically Aries! Not getting their way and threatening to leave….again, so typically Aries. And a lot of this…has to do with their sensitivity! The sensitivity ultimately leads to mega drama…I think they thrive on it. It can be their drama or other peoples drama that they feel they have to get involved in.
    My mother is an Aries, I lived w/ a male Aries (1 year was quite enough…thank you), and I have a long time female friend who is an Aries…they all had the above traits.
    I can tell you for sure that I will never date another Aries again. Perhaps now, a Virgo either….Actually, I think there are many famous writers who are Virgos…they are very talented.
    I would date an Aquarius…it seems to be my perfect “get along with” sign. I am a Libra (and we DO have a hard time making decisions. They can actually wear us out!!)

  5. Amy

    I am a Virgo and so is the man I’ve loved since I laid eyes on him in 1996. I have to say that we truly understand each other, we have unbelieveable chemistry, and we are best friends. We have been apart, been with other people, but the currents of karma always brings us back together and hopefully now we are back together for the rest of our years. He’s a tough cookie, but I love him. Our home is neat and earthy…we love to eat healthy and exercise together, but indulge from time to time (he’s a Taurus rising and I have a Taurus moon).

    Virgo and Virgo can be an ideal combination, especially when you share a deep karmic connection. I have 5 planets in Virgo, but I am a Scorpio rising in the 12th house with Mars and Neptune conjunct. I am a Registered Dietitian and enjoy health, fitness, yoga, and alternative medicines. I have so many Virgo qualities, but I am also quite spiritual, empathic, and although I love details, I love the “gray” areas too. Not everything has to be tangible for me. I’m great just “knowing”.

    Me and my Virgo have evolved together through the years and I believe we are better than ever together. I think Virgos in particular are often “cookie cuttered”. You truly are more than your sun sign and, if, as a human being you’re willing to do the work you were put on this earth to do, the exalted qualities of your sun sign emerge (no matter what your sign)…there are some truly wonderful Virgos out there who have learned to not impose their qualities, but gracefully offer them or insert them as needed…Namaste!

  6. florence

    really enjoyed all the stories from your loyal friends, i am a virgo myself and must agree with you that you got us well sussed out. florence from glasgow, born 14/09/1959 at 11.55pm, i would be very grateful for any information on my birth date. many thanks x x x

  7. Princess

    Yes Nicksy Boy,it i worth it… Self Knowledge is Self Love… Go Seek it!… Wish mine would, the Ego needs to Be Balanced with Spirit…

  8. Princess

    Well I have been getting to know a Virgo for the last three years from a long distance… All of what was said above I can relate to them desiring a partner with depth and emotional availability… Yes he has or had that with me,still not sure, as for the physical side, still yet to be seen, every time we finally meet physically, there is always some drama with his Mother and we end up not speaking, tis pattern has to stop,so I have removed myself with love… However,I have realized he is emotionally unavailable and has big inadequacy problems where I am concerned… I Am a Saggi governed by Jupiter… I have never met anyone like him… Always testing me but dosen’t like to be tested… Dosen’t like drama but definitely loves the Bravado that goes with it… Has been looking for faults in everything I say and do… Yes a perfectionist but when he is frustrated with Self and unable to perfect that part, a massive overspill takes place on those in his immediate environment… I ran for cover…. Somehow I know we are mirroring each other…. Guess its back to the drawing board, more self healing love and light….

  9. elena

    I love a Virgo…..but find them @ times to be very difficult. They can change like the wind and do not get on the bad side of them it can get ugly. I am an Aquarian and not sure that is a good fit….But love him anyway. Think the man likes a determined person also they are very to themselves.

  10. misskrystal

    Any sign can have a low or high vibe. It’s how we evolve, as people.
    I have been in a long relationship with the same sign, as a man I am divorced from. It’s a totally different experience. We cannot generalize.
    I have met people, with us having exact sun trines, conjunctions of moon/sun-and it was not positive….I have dear friends where our sun signs are squared, and they have been wonderful. Yes, I have wonderful friends, also, with trines, same element, etc, but go with what you feel-You could be missing out…
    One sign is not better than the other sign. All signs still have choices…
    There is not one perfect sign in the zodiac. Blessings, Miss Krystal

  11. Staci

    Hello thank you for this astrology. Everything that is stated applies to me. I appear like I am all together, without even trying. I so long for someone who is healthy, exercise, eat healthy, independent, communicate, handsome, romantic, emotionally available, has a higher power and utilizes the power, know how to treat a woman, know I am special, be gentle with me and be rough with me, I would LOVE a professional in the street and a thug at home, LMAO. There is more I gave a brief description. I truly am a cream puff and a b&€>h. Thanks smooches <3.


    Am sorry, I was with a virgo for 11years and he was a perfect ass. Every single day was a struggle with him. He was self centered and selfish. Everyday was a new drama. Ready to go when things don’t go his way. He wants the enjoyment of a relationship without the commitments to it. Good luck to all you dating them……..

  13. michaeleady

    You’re right they are perfectious.They will share everything with you.They can be taking advantage of.they are so innocent.They cant hide their emotions.They are carers you can see the light in their eye’s.Their very sensative.They cry when they get overwelmed.Who would lie to them?There good people their not the neatest but they take care of theirselve’s.They can make something out of nothing.My sister’s a virgo.”arguementive” their also right most of the time.litterally they dont waste their time trying to be right.i never dated a virgo but being honest i really agree with you about them being more for a worthwhile relationship then something that happend.they have answers they dont have questions.what a dream!

  14. Lynn

    I met my Virgo man in October 1989 married him 1994 and still married to him till this day I am truly blessed to have him in my life

  15. Jg

    My husband is a Virgo and he is explosive angry and really hard to be around!!!! Soo body obsessed!!!! He comes first!!! Almost abusive!!!!! I’m an Aquarius and maybe I’m just too laid back for him! Threatens divorce when he doesn’t get his way!!!!

  16. nicksy boy

    im a 33 year old virgo…many years a go a new friend after lenghty disscussions on various world issues stop dead the convosation…..started me in the eye an said (with no prior notice) your a virgo arnt you…..i was stunned by this…since then ive read an study as much about virgos as the first year of searching didnt please my ego,but new a lot of it is true…can some one tell me is it worth going for one of these indeepth virgo descriptions…i.e place an date of birth,or with my basic knowledge of viro be lost ina cloud of possible aswers..??? the latter part of study/reading has made given it a lot more relavence…is it worth the extra step..?????? slightlyconfused virgo….

  17. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Elizabeth,

    For example…..I’m a Virgo, with a grand trine of water in my chart…moon in pisces, in house of scorpio, cancer rising with Uranus sitting atop the rising sign, almost everything else in water too in my chart…..

    as a result….many, many psychics think I’m either a Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces…..because I don’t quite fit the sun sign of Virgo.

  18. Shannon Moore

    I’m a virgo. I am a figure competitor, what you said about taking care of our bodies fits 100%. The rest is pretty fitting, too.

  19. Amar

    Honnerlaw, astrology can’t be wrong, Virgo girls are “how a girl should be”, practical, homely, attractive. cross check the sign, beside Sun sign, moon sign and ascedent also helps to determine a personality.

  20. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Elizabeth,

    Because there is a percentage of in the populationthat don’t ” fit ” their sunsign……this article is about a generalization of those Virgos that do fit their sun sign….

    This man you speak of obviously had other things, such as moon sign or rising sign for example, going on in his astrological chart.

  21. Elizabeth Honnerlaw

    I don’t agree with most of what you say, I was with a Virgo for 5 1/2 years. He could be loving and caring, but only choose certain people to do that with. For most of it as the one put it he was a ass. It was all about him. Or his family. He ate anything and everything. He had a lousy sense of smell. His whole family is nothing but a drama, he says he hates big get togethers, but he’s constantly going from one end to another and their spread all over the state. I still love this man with all my heart, but he doesn’t sound like any of the virgos that I read. Now I have to say my son is a virgos and he fits most of it. So what do you say to that why does some of these virgos be the opposite of what you say?

  22. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Jesse 9027,

    I’m a Virgo sunsign and a Pisces moon sign, Cancer rising…..
    …as far as Aquarians belonging to Mensa….actually you are correct, but, according to the info I found, they came in third behind Virgo & Scorpio….I also belong to Mensa….
    So glad to see you on here and Happy B-day !!!!……wish I could meet you someday !
    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

    As a Virgo (which the vast majority of this article did not apply to me at all!) and a member of Mensa International for more than 28 years, I assure you that Mensa has more Aquarians than Virgos. However, most Mensas know better than to believe in astrology in the first place.

    Sybil Leek once said that a person’s moon sign had far more to do with their personality than their sun sign. If I was ever going to believe anything about astrology, I would believe that.

    Such being said, I DO believe in the Chinese signs. According to those ancient passages, I am a Fire Monkey…and I am…right down to my bananas! LOL!

  23. stlH2O

    I’m a virgo, married to my soul-mate scorpion, I’m also a member of mensa. I got my nickname because while I appear so calm and prim on the outside, those few who get to know me well, know how much is going on below the surface, especially the sexual side of me. About scents – IF it is the right one, and not too heavy, then it can be a real turn on to the virgo!
    Happy birthday to my fellow virgos!

  24. Vickie

    Iam a virgo, and all u say is true,about us.but some of us we want a trueful relation with honesty. a partner who can give them self as i do , its all or nothing. all iam lookin 4 is a friend ,a lover, and a mate altogether in one person.hes out there some where.

  25. jesse9027

    As a Virgo (which the vast majority of this article did not apply to me at all!) and a member of Mensa International for more than 28 years, I assure you that Mensa has more Aquarians than Virgos. However, most Mensas know better than to believe in astrology in the first place. 😉

    Sybil Leek once said that a person’s moon sign had far more to do with their personality than their sun sign. If I was ever going to believe anything about astrology, I would believe that.

    Such being said, I DO believe in the Chinese signs. According to those ancient passages, I am a Fire Monkey…and I am…right down to my bananas! LOL!

  26. sunshine

    all true, and virgos never forget what is told to them, or promised.they just never forget.i advise people in a relationship with one.”never promise anything you cant keep”they never forget and will leave as quickly as they came in.

  27. Valrie Stewartson

    My partner is virgo and he is absolutely sweet, attentive and loving. I love him and he is the best thing that ever happened to me

  28. Cynobia Tubbs

    You left out the Michael Jackson Aug 29th, Beyonce September 4th, Freddie Mercury September 4th. Jada Pinket 18 and a host of others

  29. Elizabeth

    What about a Virgo that doesn’t take good care of their body? What’s going on there? Does it mean there is probably a conflicted aspect with another planet in the natal chart? I’m thinking that for any sign, if there is a conflict or disconnect with one of your sun sign’s main qualities, that it sure must (a) be karmic and (b) feel great to overcome it…! (Charlie Sheen the 9/3 Virgo may be a great case study for this!) … !!!

  30. Edie

    WOW, Gina Rose – you pegged the Virgo personality perfectly. I am a Mensa Virgo, and I possess an almost perfect eidetic memory. Although I love fragrance, a particularly pungent scent on another really does affect me.
    And I detest drama………

  31. joosidhe

    these statements are so true of a virgo….i have been married to a virgo for almost 25 years and they are very accurate…that being said , i must say that the virgo is the most giving indiviual i have ever seen…my husband will give and give and give to make me happy…he is in perfect shape physically and very handsome naturally…..and i am no as said “salad eating barbie” and he thinks i am the hottest thing since white bread…..i love him sooo much… he is perfect, and he is a virgo… my virgo……they are definately the natural perfectionist of the zodiac….it comes easy for him…..

  32. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Carmen,

    LOL… far as you & Charlie Sheen sharing a b-day goes……you, Carmen, are a great example of the drive and determination,will power, and self control of a Virgo in the best positive sense. Nothing about you reminds me of Mr.Sheen…..nothing.

    And I’d like to praise the author of this article, LJ Innes, for really doing a good job of portraying the sign of Virgo…..
    ….this is the first article I’ve read in a long while that doesn’t insult the sign of Virgo with ” trying ” to put us in a neat, little, tidy, mundane, and neurotic box ,and portraying us as eternally chasing dust bunnies across the floor or picking up laundry.

    Thank You…LJ Innes.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  33. Cindy

    As i Read Gina’s comments I am laughing to myself. The last man I fell for was a Virgo and I always wondered why he never wore cologne! The one thing that was not mentioned was they have a terrible time making decisions which is why almost 6 months later I’m wondering if my Virgo is going to come back into my life.

  34. Ann

    My sweetheart is a Virgo, his memory for things I do and say is acute, but that’s where it ends … he is oh so sensible and practical, and yes, intelligent conversation is of the utmost importance. But having the privilege of being lovers as well as friends, I also see the most playful, loving, caring man … and he never forgets a good deed done to him. As far as being body conscious …. hmmmm … haven’t seen that yet !

  35. chloeChloe


    Well this was just fascinating to read! Being a triple Virgo I can confirm you’ve got us pegged. : ) Thanks for sharing this insight!

    Love & Light,
    Chloe (ext. 9421)

  36. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Famous people born under the zodiac sign of Virgo include:
    River Phoenix born August 23
    Billy Ray Cyrus born August 25
    Claudia Schiffer born August 25
    Sean Connery born August 25
    Macaulay Culkin born August 26
    Jason Priestley born August 28
    Shania Twain born August 28
    Cameron Diaz born August 30
    Van Morrison born August 31
    Gloria Estefan born September 1
    Keanu Reeves born September 2
    Charlie Sheen born September 3
    Raquel Welch born September 5
    Rosie Perez born September 6
    Chrissie Hynde born September 7
    Adam Sandler born September 9
    Hugh Grant born September 9
    Rachel Ward born September 12
    Fiona Apple born September 13
    Sam Neil born September 14
    Tommy Lee Jones born September 15
    magician David Copperfield born September 16
    Jeremy Irons born September 19
    Jimmy Fallon born September 19
    Sophia Loren born September 20
    American actor Bill Murray born September 21
    talkshow host Ricki Lake born September 21
    and Stephen King born on September 21.

  37. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    oh yeah,

    Mensa is made up primarily of Virgos and Scorpios……they love a partner that can connect with them, and keep up with them, on the mental plane.
    They love to have intellectual conversations…,having said that, they don’t expect you to be the next Einstein, but they do expect some degree of mental acuity and awareness. Also, most Virgos have almost a photographic memory.

    And here is something quirky about Virgo…..most of them have a very sensitive sense of smell……go easy on the cologne or perfume.

  38. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    If you can demonstrate that you are a grounded and consistently stable person, than your chances of landing a Virgo mate will increase significantly…….
    …because a typical Virgo will not tolerate any type of drama in a relationship. They can appear conservative on the outside but have the ability to really turn up the heat, in private, behind closed doors.

    Most Virgos take care of their body, to them, that’s just common sense….


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