Dad & Me: Sun Sign Compatibility Horoscope

Your Father’s Day Sun Sign Compatibility Horoscope

A father is one of a child’s first role models. Their interactions with him impact how they interact with other men throughout their life. A father is a protector and teaches a child how to be a grown-up. No one can deny the importance of a father in a person’s life. Even though many people don’t have relationships with their biological fathers, there are still men who have played significant roles in their lives. If you have a grandfather, uncle, teacher, clergyman, older brother or cousin who served as your positive role model and father figure, you should feel blessed. He cared for and guided you, not out of obligation, but out of love and he should be celebrated this Father’s Day.

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This horoscope was created with the father or father figure in mind. Look for his Sun Sign and yours and see how you impact each other’s spirits.

Here are the elements each sign falls under:

Fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Earth: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Air: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Water: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Aries (Fire) Dad

Fire Child: Your father yearns to be your hero and you become heroic in your own way.

Earth Child: You learn to incorporate your father’s enthusiasm as part of your self-motivation.

Air Child: You love your dad’s warm, powerful presence and he’s good at verbalizing it.

Water Child: Dad expresses his love for you through fun activities and his protective nature.

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Taurus (Earth) Dad

Fire Child: You have learned to appreciate your dad’s earthy love of life.

Earth Child: You and your dad both love being comfortable and you appreciate that he provides for you.

Air Child: You intrigue your father and he wants to give you what you need to succeed.

Water Child: He has a real affinity for you and loves the shared affection.

Gemini (Air) Dad

Fire Child: You love your dad’s adventures and are always up for his mental challenges.

Earth Child: Dad loves your grounded approach to love, and you love his amazing ideas.

Air Child: Dad taught you how to be a master communicator and you love your interactions with him.

Water Child: Dad has to learn how to talk to you because you’re sensitive.

Cancer (Water) Dad

Fire Child: You and your dad have developed a mutual respect and you give each other room to express your feelings.

Earth Child: You love the safe foundation you dad offers and it helps you be successful.

Air Child: You admire your dad’s love of tradition and his constant investigation of life.

Water Child: Dad’s tenderness and devotion to home give you a strong sense of security.

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Leo (Fire) Dad

Fire Child: Dad is your star. Sports and exploration bring your together.

Earth Child: Your enjoy your father’s success and have built on it.

Air Child: You enjoy playing with your father, and shared games teach you lessons.

Water Child: You are your dad’s fan and enjoy his warm affection.

Virgo (Earth) Dad

Fire Child: You value his intelligence and hard work. He’s given you so much.

Earth Child: You are both well-adjusted to the ways of the world and you enjoy your father’s solid style.

Air Child: You have learned from your dad’s precision and effectiveness and know you need these traits to be successful.

Water Child: He has learned to take a gentler approach with you over time.

Libra (Air) Dad

Fire Child: He nurtures your stability.

Earth Child: He connects with your “love of the lovely.”

Air Child: He admires and enjoys your intelligence and builds your confidence.

Water Child: You love his sense of beauty and style and your good communication has grown over time.

Scorpio (Water) Dad

Fire Child: You were confused by his intensity at first, but now it fascinates you.

Earth Child: You work really well in the world together.

Air Child: His quiet passion overwhelmed you at first, but you’ve learned to enjoy how he empowers you.

Water Child: Dad is a powerful, yet sensitive figure in your life and he offers inner strength.

Sagittarius (Fire) Dad

Fire Child: You share an enthusiasm for sports, travel and fun and it creates exciting times.

Earth Child: Once you feel a sense of stability, you feed each other’s abilities.

Air Child: You love the constant stream of new experiences you father offers.

Water Child: You enjoy his affection and humor and have learned that’s how he expresses love.

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Capricorn (Earth) Dad

Fire Child: He balances your flamboyance with a real foundation.

Earth Child: Dad will do almost anything to assure your future success.

Air Child: You’ve learn to adapt and make your father’s serious approach to life fun.

Water Child: You enjoy your dad’s commitment to your safety and future.

Aquarius (Air) Dad

Fire Child: Dad enjoys your passion and vision for the future.

Earth Dad: Your dad puzzles you, but you’ve learned to trust that his ideas are solid, even when they seem strange.

Air Child: Dad loves your surprises and your great chats.

Water Child: You’ve learned that your dad’s seemingly impersonal style of expressing love is still real love.

Pisces (Water) Dad

Fire Child: You wish for more open, straight talk from him, but you’ve learned to understand how he expresses himself.

Earth Child: He enjoys your clarity about what you want in life.

Air Child: You work to communicate with your dad and have fun with his imagination and talents.

Water Child: Dad inspires your creativity and is an adoring parent.

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  1. Sherrie

    That was right on about my relationship with my Dad. He’s passed on, but when he was alive, I did work to communicate with him and I had alot of fun discussing ideas and anything with him. We especially loved to talk about things I do not talk to other people about. Thank you for a great way to remember and honor the gifts we shared with your Dads. This is a lovely article !


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