Your Crescent Moon Horoscope for November 2013

Crescent Moon: A Time for Creating the Unimaginable

The November Crescent Moon is one of the most important of 2013. Each Solar Eclipse is a time when the veils are lifted between worlds, and this extraordinary eclipse carries the energy of divine inspiration. What is “born” from this eclipse will be shown in the Crescent Moons that follow. Now is the perfect time to become conscious of the future you want and to start bringing it into existence, no matter what your Sun Sign is.

The Crescent Moons of November 3 through the 6th continue to carry the eclipse power, so a powerful ritual is to look west just after sunset each evening to focus on the Crescent Moon as you manifest your dreams. While each Crescent Moon carries power for you, your Sun Sign connects with special Crescent Moon energy on these days:


November 4 is a passionate day when you can reach into your emotional depths and memories for power in your love life and creative inspiration. The evening of the 4th and the 5th will be the perfect time for action in pursuing that soulful lover or that spiritual/creative high. Your focus turns to your career on November 6.

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The energies at play on November 4 involve your partnerships. Communications are the key to building your new life with a whole new sense of freedom. The Crescent Moon on the evening of November 6 brings wonderful romance and passion, so plan something special.


Emotions are running high with that special one in your life, particularly on the 4th and 5th. This energy can be quite positive for you as you find a new balance in your relationships with lovers and business partners. Delicious passion rules the evening of the 6th.


November 3 and 4 Crescent Moons bring a time when your love life and your creative efforts bloom into a wonderful work of beauty. Expect your partner to have a serious attitude with massive passion on the 6th. If this isn’t your time to focus on love, you’ll be excited by breakthroughs in other relationships.

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November 4 is the perfect day for you to express the romantic, exciting new ideas you have for your home life. If you have a live-in partner, the romantic mood on the evenings of the 3rd, 4th and the 5th can be magical. Focus on creative work on the 6th, as you’ll infuse everything you do with irresistible passion.


You’re communication skills reach new heights on November 3 and 4, giving you the power to reach others to make your most cherished plans come true. The 6th is a wonderfully passionate day for you to thrill your lover at home and your co-workers and clients with what you have to offer at work.


Your focus is on money and what you value most during the Crescent  Moon on November 3. It’s a pivotal time for you to redefine what you want most in your love life, home and career and how you juggle it all. Communicating your decision to the important people in your life on the 4th and 5th will create an amazing breakthrough.


With the November 3rd Solar Eclipse and first Crescent Moon in your Sun Sign, you embody the inspiration that guides the next 6 months. You are totally committed to bringing “what ought to be” into reality in your personal and professional life. The 4th and 5th are days to work on the finances needed to make your plans come true. Communicate your working plan to your lover or boss on the 6th.


The best November Crescent Moon days for you to shine are the 4th and 5th when those ideals that you created in the past begin to come to life before your eyes. Your inspiration, artistic work and sports activities are all inspired at this time. Your sex life will take an exciting, unusual turn.

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People have been surprised and amazed by your view of the future over the past few years and you are about to “unleash” your dreams and solutions publicly with the Crescent Moons of November. Your best day to get everyone’s attention about what you want in your life at home and at work is the November 6th Crescent Moon.


Your November Crescent Moon events involve your career and how you’re viewed by the public. Share your ideas with friends on November 4 and 5—a great time to test the waters about your amazing innovations. Watch the “eclipse/Crescent Moon week” unfold and then take action on your creations over the weekend of the 8th through the 10th.


Your spirit of inspiration and joy is flying high on the Crescent Moon days of November 3 and 4. Friends are passionate during this time and you could be the recipient of their desires. Might a friend become a life-long lover? If not, this can take the form of a creative partner who will really support your efforts.

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  1. Bella

    I’m into astrology / + astronomy 2, it was beautiful @ 808pm how ironic # 8 all about the rebirth process .. Then 4 good measurement it was followed By a shooting star 2 yes this confirm I’m on the correct / righteous / ” RIGHT ” path in my own life .. I told my bffs NYC girls GOD approved of my plans they all just lol .. Thank you all my best wishes 4 / 2 everyone out there IN this jacked up world times BUT gold in yes times are changing 4 the best sometimes it’s all about IN the timing aspects process IN 1 ‘ s own life passage . Thank you & what a wonderful view IT truly was !!! 🙂

  2. Bella

    Nice one 4 US CaPRICORNS , Yea I can’t wait 4 the holidays either, I’ve already finished my x-mas shopping 2 lol lol … this is what ive been talking / ive been waiting 4 all year .. so yes I’m unleashing all my positive energy yes I shall .. I feel the BIG changes coming 2 all around me both hood / bad .. yes the tide is turning in my life , YES in the love department 2 🙂 … I’m free at last thank you “JESUS” !!!! 🙂 🙂

  3. c.wright.thru.u.

    Divine infinite blessings, love, light, peace, success, perfection, prosperity, freedom, healing, total wellness-in-being/doing/having, ascension, and oneness thru out this Crescent Moon and ALL Crescent Moons/Moons, thru out NOW, and eternity for ALL.


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