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There’s an amazing way you can use astrology to understand people, especially ones you might be romantically interested in. And, it’s much easier and more effective than learning the 12 zodiac signs. In fact, the way professional astrologers describe people is not by their sign, but by their dominant planetary energy, or their “Planetary Personality Profile.” By knowing this, you can better understand everyone around you, plus pick up hints on who you’re meant to be with.

Best of all, it doesn’t require that you ask anyone their sign or even their birth date (as often their Planetary Personality has nothing to do with their sign). All you have to do is simply observe how they behave and notice what matters to them – and you’ll know.

Knowing a person’s primary planetary energy won’t tell you everything. You won’t be able to deduce what they do for a living, where they live, how much money is in their bank account, or how many siblings they have. It will, however, give you the key to knowing how they do their job, how they live, how they spend their money and how they interact with those siblings. And, it will help you ultimately understand how you can get along with them. If followed, it can have a dramatic impact on the future of your relationship.

So the following is a brief outline of the seven profiles, as well as how to succeed romantically with each.

Sun People
Planetary archetype: The King
Also known as: The Leader, The Star

The Sun is considered the King of the solar system around which everything else revolves. Sun people are like that – the center of attention or authority wherever they go – the “star.” Sun people have leadership ability, power, motivation, confidence and vision to spare. You can recognize them by their big goals and plans, their willingness and desire to step into positions of responsibility, and their large, proactive personality.

Romancing the Sun Person
Become a Sun worshipper! Sun types crave respect, admiration and appreciation. Their visits to you will be squeezed between many pressing meetings, conferences, and corporate takeovers, but that doesn’t mean they’re not thinking of you. Flattery will get you everywhere with them, so compliment their territory, crown and sparkling medals! Be sure to notice their efforts and not take their tendency to put their plans and goals ahead of spending time with you personally – after all, if you play your cards right that gorgeous castle and all those servants will be yours.

Moon People
Planetary archetype: The Queen
Also known as: The Feeler, The Nurturer
Moon people are thoughtful, caring, kind, emotional and sensitive. Classic “nurturers” who are happiest in relationships and “playing house,” they wear their hearts on their sleeves and are usually found helping others, involved in things imbued with meaning and substance.

Romancing the Moon Person
You may need to nudge them if you’re interested, as these aren’t always confident pursuers. Never invalidate their feelings, however, despite how crazy or tedious they may be. All they want is your undying devotion. Tolerate their moods but don’t be moody yourself, as they’ll take on your feelings, too! Champion their causes and honor their friends, pets, children, mother and the Boy Scout troop they lead, and this lap dog of a lover will be loony for you forever! These sappy sentimentalists will remember every anniversary and birthday and your hand-written poetry will mean more to them than gold. Compliments and cuddles are the very air they breathe, so shine your love light on them regularly or they’ll be vulnerable to the romantic attentions of others.

Mars People
Planetary archetype: The Warrior
Also known as: The Go-Getter, The Doer
Mars people are energetic and dynamic, always on to the next big thing. More competitive and impatient than Sun people, Martians cram the most activities and tasks on their long “to-do” list and usually get it all done. These high-strung, enthusiastic types love a challenge and thrive under pressure – give them a goal and a deadline with a big payoff at the end, and woe to the person that tries to get in their way! They’re happiest taking action, live for results and “bottom lines” and are easily bored or frustrated when life requires that they wait.

Romancing a Mars Person
Mars people love a challenge and competition, so don’t be surprised when they pursue you, as they’ll definitely take the lead in your courtship. Get as healthy and fit as possible as they’ll want to be on the go constantly. They love international adventures, so keep your passport valid and your foreign language skills handy. Be up for anything – every day will bring a new, unexpected experience. Never tell them their goals are unrealistic. Don’t misinterpret their packed schedule as an indication of their lack of feelings for you – they can focus on you once they’ve gotten that promotion and won the latest championship. Your Martian will appreciate spunk and spirit, so stay motivated and enthusiastic in your own life, or you’ll drag them down – or worse, bore them.

Venus People
Planetary archetype: The Diplomat
Also known as: The Lover, The Artist
Venusians are the most fun and pleasant to be around. Skilled at everything that pleases the senses – beauty, art, music, fashion, socializing and elegance are key interests for these gods and goddesses of pleasure. They make everything they do a party, and everything they touch more beautiful and enticing.

Romancing a Venus Person
If they’re not having a good time, they’ll literally droop like a flower without water. Make sure not to burden them with too many commitments or chores (or complaints!) without some play and toys thrown in to the mix! They’ll be sensual and visual, so adorn yourself and your environment, and spend a lot of time together between perfumed, silk sheets. Your Venus lover will be a big flirt and notice beautiful things (and people) everywhere you go, so have healthy self-esteem and don’t try to change them, or they’ll feel squelched. Only the finest quality impractical gifts and luxury lifestyle will do for this romantic. Don’t feel insecure due to their packed social life and adoring public – they’re the key to their success and what you were drawn to in the first place, if you’re honest about it.

Mercury People
Planetary archetype: The Prince
Also known as: The Bean Counter, The Thinker
Mercury people live in a world of knowledge and ideas. These heady intellectuals just love to spend their time pouring over spread-sheets and accounting forms as they card catalogue their lives, using all of the latest technological gadgets to keep copious notes of their every move and idea. If the “pros” don’t overwhelm the “cons” of any situation, they’re not interested. “Just the facts, Ma’am,” is their favorite saying.

Romancing a Mercury Person
Validate their ideas and ask for their opinions, and if you disagree with them, make sure to have all of the details of your point of view carefully organized, or they’ll think you mentally inferior. Read their research studies and attend all of their university lectures, letting them know how impressed you are. Stay current with the latest news and technological advances, as they need a partner who can provide mental stimulation and intellectual repartee. When you want something, don’t make the mistake of thinking they don’t care about your feelings – they just need to know the whys and wherefores of everything before they fully commit themselves. They’ll need roughly a week to recover from an
y emotional dramas as they’ll perplex and exhaust them, so go to your mother, friends or therapist with any outbursts. They won’t be much for romantic displays or extravagant gifts, but they’ll be dependable and savvy, and someone from whom you can learn much.

Jupiter People
Planetary archetype: The Counselor
Also known as: The Cheerleader, The Guru
Jupiter people are upbeat and wise, always able to find the right information or answer to any problem. These “glass half full,” faith-based optimists love helping others, instructing and advising on all aspects of life. They enthusiastically pursue big goals and ideas that benefit many, able to see the long view and positive potential of any situation.

Romancing a Jupiter Person
These people can’t wait to find a partner with whom they can better the world – enthusiastically join in all of their latest crusades. They long to discuss the new Yoga Sutras they’re reading and the vegan dietary changes they’ve made – if you’re not interested, fake it! Nothing thrills them more than offering the solutions to whatever problems you may be facing – so ask for their help and follow up on all of their suggestions, being sure to give them all the credit for your profoundly improved life. Never tell them that their methods are wrong, unless you want them to go away forever. When they suffer a setback, they’ll quickly bounce back and be onto the next big thing, with plans to share everything they learn and earn with you along the way.

Saturn People
Planetary archetype: The Servant
Also known as: The Perfectionist, The Curmudgeon
Saturn people are solid and reliable, loving discipline and structure. Good with routines and consistency, they’re able to persevere for the long haul. They tend to be cautious, only committing themselves when they are certain of all the fully thought-out details of any plan. These “all or nothing” thinkers are black and white in their approach to everything on which they put their laser-vision focus. Slow, picky, plodding hard workers who mean what they say and say what they mean, they arrive at their goals by putting one careful foot in front of the other, day in and day out.

Romancing a Saturn Person
The words “Saturn” and “romance” aren’t usually used in the same sentence. Saturn types are almost as cautious in matters of the heart as they are with their bank accounts – they’ll watch you for a maddeningly long time before making an emotional move. Did I say emotional? Sorry – that’s also a word not often used to describe those of Saturn’s disposition. Once you’re dating, they will call exactly when they say, show up on time to the minute with their car washed, their clothing impeccable, and the restaurant reservations made well in advance, but don’t expect a lot of hearts and flowers. They show their love through calm consistency and stable dedication. If they’re worried about something, don’t expect them to share their tender feelings – they’re private and need to mull things over. It’s not because they don’t value your opinion – they don’t ever want to do or say anything they’ll regret later. They’ll work long hours and expect you to be responsible, as well, not to mention tidy and organized.

This article is based on Carol Allen’s eBook, Love is in the Stars, which can be found at a website of the same name.

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