Compatibilty by Element

We all know that sexual sizzle is what brings us together, but for long-term bliss, compatibility is the main ingredient. And while chemistry hits us over the head, discovering whether we are truly compatible can be a time-consuming and sometimes heartbreaking affair.

But there is a shortcut. Astrology reveals both chemistry and compatibility in relationships. Just by comparing the elements (Fire, Air, Water and Earth) within a couple’s chart, you can learn an awful lot. A harmonious blend of elements indicates that a couple is in sync with each other’s needs for affection, sex, communications, values, and commitment — among other things.

So let’s look at the elements to see how this works:

Elements: How can the Sun, the Moon, and the planets unravel the mystery of love? First, examine the characteristics of each element. Fire signs are dynamic and enthusiastic. Air signs are intellectual and social. Water signs are emotional and intuitive. Earth signs are sensual and practical. In general, Fire harmonizes with Air, while Water harmonizes with Earth.

Comparing the elements of the placements below will reveal if a relationship is headed for bliss… or oblivion.

Sun: The Sun influences how you express your individuality. It determines the path you will take to achieve your goals. If a couple’s Sun signs are in harmony, their energies will flow well in daily life. They will work well as a couple while building a life together. If their Sun signs are out of sync, they’ll have to work harder to understand the motives and values of each other.

Moon: The Moon has to do with your emotional needs. It indicates your nurturing abilities and family patterns. If a couple’s Moon signs are in harmony, their feelings will flow easily, as they understand each other on an instinctual level. If their Moon signs are in conflict, they’ll need to work harder to express their feelings, so they will understand each other.

Mercury: Mercury determines your communication style. If a couple’s Mercury signs are in harmony, they spark each other’s ideas, and express them easily. Even when disagreeing, they’ll be able to see each other’s point of view. If a couple’s Mercury signs are out of sync, communication will be stilted.

Venus: Venus influences how you show affection, as well as the kind of loving you need from your partner. When a couple’s Venus signs are in harmony, love will flow easily between them, and they’ll show affection in ways that fulfill each other. If a couple’s Venus signs are out of sync, love may still be present, but they’ll have to work harder to show their love in ways that make their partner feel it.

Mars: Mars is the planet of passion, anger and pure energy. It’s about what you need sexually, as well as how you express irritation. When a couple’s Mars signs are in harmony, they energize each other inside and outside the bedroom. They fight with the intention to resolve a problem. If a couple’s Mars signs are out of sync, passion may be present, but they may have different sexual needs, rhythms, or styles. They may also express anger differently or even use is as a means of controlling the other.

Jupiter: Jupiter is the planet of luck, learning, philosophy and long-distance travel. It’s your spiritual beliefs and faith in the future. When a couple has a harmonious Jupiter connection, they feel happy around each other. They support each other’s goals with optimism and faith in each other’s abilities. If a couple has a challenging Jupiter connection, unrealistic expectations can derail the relationship.

Saturn: Saturn is the planet of commitment and responsibility. When a couple has a harmonious Saturn connection, they support each other’s long-range goals and are committed to staying together through thick and thin. If a couple has too strong a Saturn connection, then control issues may arise — and one person may be very critical of the other. Too weak a Saturn connection indicates a bond that is not meant to last.

Uranus: Uranus is the planet of change, attraction, and enlightenment. With a harmonious Uranus connection, an energizing chemistry will keep the relationship fresh and exciting. If a couple has too strong a Uranus connection, the relationship will be unpredictable, lack stability and commitment. Too weak a Uranus connection spells a relationship rut. The couple will be fearful of change and each will view the other’s personal growth as a threat.

Neptune: Neptune is the planet of empathy, denial, and escapism. When a couple has a harmonious Neptune connection, they are compassionate toward each other and share an intuitive link. A challenging Neptune connection indicates that misunderstandings are more likely and boundaries will be lacking.

Pluto: Pluto is the planet of transformation, death, and compulsion. When a couple has a harmonious Pluto they share a profound intimacy that is both sexually fulfilling and emotionally healing. With a challenging Pluto connection, power and jealousy is a problem.

Chart comparisons may be complex, so get a good astrologer to help you analyze yours. In the meantime, have you found surprise success with an incompatible sign or — encountered horrendous horrors with someone who’s meant to be your match? Share your star crossed stories!

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