10 Clues of Reincarnation

Have you ever wondered if you are manifesting any aspects of your past lives? Here are 10 clues to look for.

By the time Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was 6, he was already composing classical music, and performing in front of the Imperial Court. It is beyond the comprehension of today’s research psychologists how such a young mind could master the overwhelmingly difficult tasks that take other gifted individuals their entire lifetimes to achieve. One possible answer is that Mozart was the reincarnation of an earlier composer. Some believe it was Johann Pachelbel, who wrote the hauntingly beautiful Canon in D — 80 years before Mozart’s birth.

Have you ever wondered if you are manifesting any aspects of your own past lives? Here are ten clues to look for.

1. An inexplicable skill or talent
Any child prodigy who displays skills that a well-educated adult would have trouble mastering is very likely experiencing the effect of their reincarnation.

2. Mysterious knowledge of places and events
Individuals who display a coherent understanding of things they have never witnessed or studied, have an in-depth knowledge of specific historical events, or can easily find their way around the maze of a complex place — such as a medieval city they’ve never visited before — are using knowledge they acquired in a past life.

3. Beliefs and preferences outside those of your own culture
Individuals who have a proclivity for the culture of a totally different geographical location have generally lived a previous life there. Chef Rick Bayless was born into a typical Midwestern barbecue-restaurant family — yet he always felt drawn to Mexican culture. He is the foremost spokesperson for traditional Mexican cuisine in the U.S.A.

4. Resonance with historical periods from art, literature, or movies
There is virtually no historical epoch that does not resonate with at least some of its audience, but movies such as Braveheart or novels like Shogun have enormous impact on the people who lived a previous life in those eras and regions.

5. Unusual taste in fashion or décor
We have all known people who have never ventured outside the U.S.A., yet dress in traditional African or Indian garb, wear their hair in a Rastafarian fashion, or decorate their homes in a specific ethnic style to which they have no obvious connection. Those are all clues to their past identities.

6. Powerful feelings about a stranger
Experiencing strong, sudden emotions about someone you’ve never met before can be a telling clue to your previous life experiences. These feelings may be strongly positive or negative. In an earlier lifetime you may have been close friends, lovers, rivals, or even enemies who fought to the death.

7. Visions and dreams
Millions of people have experienced dreams or visions so vivid that they could not be anything but a reflection of an earlier lifetime. Many have literally walked in the footsteps of medieval knights or Roman centurions. If the basic aspects of the dream are recurring, it can be an indicator of experiences from a previous life.

8. Recurring patterns in life
Some people feel like they are programmed to live out a specific outcome in life — a great failure, a success, heartbreak… and they may be relieving patterns from their pasts.

9. Individual creativity
It’s is feasible that creative people who are prolific to the point that they almost channel their greatest works are re-crafting achievements that they devised in an earlier life — ones that may not have achieved widespread recognition.

10. Feelings that something is “not quite right”
Those who feel that they are living in an “unnatural” manner in today’s fast-moving civilization are often hearkening back to a more natural and organic agrarian past life.

Tell us about your own connections to your past lives.

One thought on “10 Clues of Reincarnation

  1. Desiree

    I as a person have always had trouble adjusting to modern inventions. I have no real interest or understanding of computers, minus the basic knowledge. I don’t get excited over a new electronic invention. I don’t get so entangled with these new ideas of constantly being attached to social networking sites or gadgets. I just don’t care. I’ve always wanted to live a more peaceful, quiet existence. I feel out of place and I also feel a great deal of resentment towards the lifestyles people carry on with today. I also have a very distinct impression, or memory I guess you’d call it of a house. It’s white shingled, it has a long front porch, and swing in front of the living room windows. There are potted flowers hanging from the roof of the porch in hues of fuscia and pinks and reds. It sits on a huge lot and I feel like it’s on the corner. I think it’s close to a train station and around the corner from a church and a church graveyard. Whenever I see it, it’s always sunny out and I view it from a somewhat elevated level at some close distance away. When you go in the front door the first thing you see is a set of stairs with some type of colorful rug is on the steps. To the right is the really long living room with a green, thin carpet that’s nailed into the floor. To the left is a kitchen with blue and white tiles on the walls, white linoleum floors, and a wooden table with blue legs and blue rungs on the chairs. The cabinets, sink, and refrigerator surround the table. I feel like to the left of the refrigerator is a back door. Up the stairs is a bedroom in brown panels on the walls and a sliding door closet. There’s a canopy bed with a yellow canopy and yellow covers. There’s a dresser and mirror next to the door and the room is very neat. Down the hall is a closet and then another bedroom with a bathroom off to the side of it. The room is very well lit, all white and there’s sunlight pouring through the windows and the sheer white curtains are billowing out. Next to that bedroom is another one, but this one although white too, is messy. There’s clothes coming out of the sliding closet door and a T.V sitting on a tall dresser. Outside of that room, directly above the door, is a hanging string to get into the attic. It’s been with me for years but it doesn’t scare me, it just makes me wonder. It looks very homey and cute. No one is ever seen in these visions. It’s so familiar and my mother didn’t recognize it when I described it. It’s very curious.


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