Chinese Horoscope: September 2016

The Rooster of Solitude

September 1 brings a powerful solar eclipse and the Rooster of Solitude month—the perfect animal for this event. Roosters announce the arrival of what is new and they are persistent in their call to action. Roosters normally love to be in a group with plenty of attention to their comments. All animals signs should take time to sort through their thoughts, and then share their thoughts and ideas to open new doors. This will help them make great strides toward achieving their dreams. Here are your animal days in your Chinese Horoscope.

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Your charm helps you on September 3 as the Granary Rat. Let people know the valuable information you’ve gathered. A balanced approach to emotions and creativity are powerful tools on September 15, as you’re the Rat on the Crossbeam. During the evening of September 27 make magic happen—particularly in love as the Rat on the Mountain.


Partners offer surprises on September 4 (possibly sexy ones), as you’re the Ox in the Byre. On September 16 (A Full Moon day) maintain calm as the Ox on the Road. This makes your love life and your creative efforts more solid. Transforming your life can happen as you’re the Ox by the Gate on September 28. You’ll love the freedom that follows.


On September 5 you’re the Tiger Leaving the Mountain. Reflection in the morning offers a powerful, positive evening. As the Tiger Crossing the Forest on September 17, plan for your greatest success and have fun with it! The morning of September 29 is perfect for effective communications as the Tiger Standing Firm.


Your spirit/emotions are in harmony on September 6. As the Rabbit in the Burrow, loving words create sweetness at home. Emotional surprises in relationships on September 18 are liberating as you’re the Rabbit Leaving the Forest. You’re the Enlightened Rabbit on the September 30th New Moon. Positive feelings drive you toward your dreams.


Complete old projects as the Rain Dragon on September 7. You’ll open new doors with great possibilities. Passion and desire can be used to your advantage on September 19 as you’re the Dragon in the Whirlpool. Don’t be too impulsive.


On September 8 engage a team with shared purpose to makes your ideas happen as you’re the Snake in the Field. Sincerity and love in communications bring joy. On September 20 take on you most intense relationships. You’ll find true relief in releasing what doesn’t work for you as the Snake Leaving a Hole.


Review past wins and losses to develop innovative ideas on September 9 as the Horse in the Clouds. Then you’ll succeed. Take care with your journeys as the Traveling Horse on September 21. You can have a wonderful time if you simply pause and observe what’s happening around you.


Expanding your education is the answer on September 10. As the Serious Sheep, you want to create a safer, loving future with the tools available now. Careful communication on September 22 opens the door for surprise situations creating fun/sexy results as you’re the Lost (in love) Sheep.


Intense communications offer opportunity on September 11. This Mountain Monkey day and year is full of opportunity if you reject fear and speak up. You’re the Independent Monkey on September 23, yet this great day also demands recognition that you do nothing alone. Respect your family/team as you celebrate individuality.


September 12 is the great Rooster of Solitude power day, so take action in love and career—particularly in the evening. On September 24 you’re the Cock Pecking for Food. What you dig up is full of revelations. Focusing on health/educational aspects makes you highly successful.


Enjoy your dream time on September 1 as the Sleeping Dog. Then make note of that magical state and take action. People with bruised egos on September 13 can’t derail that get-together if you’re inclusive. Bring the group together as the Mountain Dog. You can build something amazingly successful on September 25 as the Temple Dog. Remain confident and inspired.


As the Pig Traversing a Mountain, ground those great ideas in reality and express them in a way that connects with others on September 2. As the Monastic Pig, use the morning of September 14 to go inward and discover an innovative approach to your love life and work. Build a fire from your passions on September 26 as the Farmer Pig and inspire others about your future.

2 thoughts on “Chinese Horoscope: September 2016

  1. Nancy Kay Bain

    My mom had faith and believed that after this life she would join her siblings,mom,and of course God! With my life growing up as a child,my faith,hope was vanished by my father.Only to carry on most of my adult life.My only good was my mom, then my children.Rest was my life just the way it was. after death of my mom,I believed only cause I just knew that I was going see my mom once again. She was all that was good in my life, I older and it’s like I see her pain,and will to take care of her kids,no matter the the cost. I’m also living in my childhood home. A lot of unexplained things I think I see, hear. Wish I knew she hasn’t left me a lone.


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