Chinese Horoscope: October 2016

Mountain Dog Month

October 1 brings the Mountain Dog month. This summer, it was probably tough for you to have harmonious relationships with others, but those same people will now make more of an effort to be cooperative. You’ve all grown weary of the constant battling with no middle ground. What a relief!

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Your efforts also revolve around relationships and their deep value to you. There is a major focus on your career—also built on relationships. October 31 brings the Monastic Pig month. Your most powerful animal days follow:



You’re prone to bursts of energy on October 9 as the Rat on the Roof. If you maintain your balance and put yourself in their shoes, you’ll achieve success. It’s a dramatic, make-or-break day on October 21, as you’re the Field Rat. This could be your big moment of triumph.


As the Sea Ox on October 10, your ocean is the world of communications. Share your personal joys and see how others respond. It could be lucrative. Complete old emotional relationship issues on the morning October 22. Then you’ll have a beautiful afternoon as the Lake Buffalo.


As the Tiger in the Forest, it’s all about energy and intelligence on October 11 and you do a great job of expressing both attributes. Use this to enlighten people and further your future. Focus on building stronger family ties and romantic connections as the Tiger Climbing the Mountain on October 23. You’re focused on the big picture.


As the Rabbit Dreaming of the Moon on October 12, you really want to make your disjointed, yet inspired dreams a reality. The key is combining your energy and vision. You’re the source of real insight on October 24. Integrate others’ ideas for the best result as you’re the Rabbit of Moons and Mountains.


You’re the Dragon in the Sky on October 1, ready to make major changes. On October 13 as the Dragon of Pure Virtue, incorporate others’ dreams and ideals to make yours happen. New lifestyle changes and new beginnings take hold in your life on October 25 as you’re the Dragon of Patience.


Enjoy the beautiful morning on October 2 as the Snake in the Pool with some healthy exercise later in the day. As the Hibernating Snake on October 14, begin the day focusing on developing confidence. Success unfolds. You’re ready to heal and find new joy, so love yourself as the Snake of Happiness on October 26.


October 3 is a day for relaxing if you can. The evening offers romance as you are the Horse in the Stable. Think before you speak on October 15. Your ideas are brilliant, and if you take that time, you’ll be seen as the elegant Palace Horse. You’re ready to enjoy love and magical times on October 27 as the Way Horse.


Your empathetic comments on October 4 heal others as you’re the Sheep in the Pasture. The day is intense emotionally and fulfilling. A quiet morning on October 16 brings needed relaxation. Then luxuriate in the joys of the day as the Lucky Sheep. You’re ready for positive change on October 28. Improvements in your life include loved ones as you’re the Sheep in a Flock.


You get serious about attaining your ideals in your relationships on October 5. This Monkey Eating Fruit day offers rewards through networking. On October 17 you’re the Elegant Monkey, taking action on your envisioned future. October 29 brings you a sexy, intense evening as the Tree Monkey.


Power through your challenging moments on the morning of October 6. As the Caged Rooster, recognizing limitations actually frees you for success. You’re the Barnyard Rooster on October 18, ruling the scene around you. On October 30, you’re the Cock Crowing at Noon. Go deep inside to find the creative powerhouse that you are.


On the Mountain Dog Month/Watch Dog Day of October 7, consider your true career (that one you dream of) and plan for it. October 19 is a day to succeed, using your intelligence and knowledge as the Guard Dog. You speak from your soul on October 31, and others hear your healing message as you’re the Sleeping Dog.


As the Pig in the Forest, you feel driven to further your ambitions on October 8. When it comes to relationships (passionate or business) you are focused and ready to go. Go with the flow on October 20 as the Traveling Pig. If you’re careful in your approach, you’ll have a wonderful time today.

2 thoughts on “Chinese Horoscope: October 2016

  1. Maria

    I’m a rat how is going to go for me my ex frank I left him after 8 years but I miss him does he miss me just for my Peace of mind

  2. Misty

    Hi, I’m a Dog and curious what it means for me this month by the Mountain Dog, Guard Dig, and Sleeping Dog…what does that mean? I appreciate any help with figuring out the meaning of these Chinese horoscopes. Namaste and thank you!


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