Challenge Your Life Rules in 2012

Born with Uranus in Capricorn: You Are Here to Build the Foundation for Life After 2012

If you were born between January 1989 and February 1996, you had Uranus in Capricorn. Capricorn is the ancient Sea Goat who had the ability to share the knowledge of life in the sea and apply it to experience on the Land. The Sea Goat is the Wise Law-Giver. With Pluto currently in the sign of Capricorn and Uranus in hard aspect to this position (and your natal Uranus), this is a critical time to reassess your life rules and organization.

You may well be the child of Uranus in Libra parents (born between October 1968 and September 1975). They will be going through this major change with you. Any disagreements you had in with them in the past regarding freedom, relationships, and building a future will be transformed during this period. Observe each other to consider what to question about both your values and the structure of your lives.

Now, to your active and probable leadership, role that you have been working toward: Your personal transformation will be your guide to the organization and laws needed to establish a new, more enlightened world in the near future. You have the solid grounding, once your life has settle down, to be an example for, and to offer the building blocks for the “idea whose time has come” after 2012. This may be offering brilliant guidance at work, the wise helping hand of “one who knows” to a confused partner or child, or changing broad areas such as governments and more.

You may be the new paradigm of money managers for a time when the banks may be “of the people and for the people” as well as government officials with the same vision and goals required by the US Declaration of Independence and Constitution, with its Bill of Rights—very Uranus in Capricorn in their expression. In that respect you may well go back to your earthy Capricorn roots and appreciation of ancestors. This is equally true of the Magna Carta, French Revolution, Gandhi in India and current up-risings in the Middle East and Asia – other expressions of humanity demanding to live with respect and self-expression, offering the best that they have.

So how important are you to the future after 2012? You bring the form, the structures, the laws and the grounding we need to build dreams into substance. What could be more essential to our future?

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2 thoughts on “Challenge Your Life Rules in 2012

  1. salvacion rico beriong

    I hope you can help me i need your help. mylife is mesirable i don’t know what to do and where to do now.Thank you so much…… salvacion /elvie

  2. salvacion rico beriong

    I am filipinowork in malaysia for 18 years. work hard to support my children ‘s education
    i am uppset hae a boy friend staying together for less tha 11 years ,i dont know he go back home in india arrage married may6,7 2008 then again he ge met a lady from philippines she is a nurse married again augost 3 2010 i don’t know all now got son in india 2 yers and a half she divorce the wife his mother pay money first wife don’t know
    now he and the second wife apply to immigrate to canada papers on process they are waiting 4 to 6 months approval , i was born december 2 1955 my boy friend born june 8 1980 the second married born november 26 1981 until now he is with me we stay together they only meet each other if they want to prepare documents I am ery upset he using me all his need when he is ellegal in malaysia i pay his permit i take his land from people hands. what is my life ? is to be like this ? nothing possible to make happy life ?when i’ll become a good fotune ? no change only be like this ? i need your help please let me know . he promiss me to help me to go to canada also is it true or lie he thinking his own self i no idea what’s inside his brain i’m desperate lady life ? elve wait your response….


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