Cancer: The Perfect Sign for You

Can You Crack the Crab?

Compatibility is complicated. And of course there’s more to an astrological match than just a Sun Sign. However, as the aspect of a chart which has the most to say about individual personality, Sun Signs still offer a lot of information. With that in mind (and the Sun entering Cancer this month), here’s everything you need to know about Cancer!

Ruled by the Moon, Cancers are best known for their moodiness. But there is so much more to this sensitive sign than just a tendency to take things personally. Cancers are self-protective, yes. However, they’ll also fight for those they love. They’re the zodiac’s caretaker, the mom. If the thought of being delicate with someone’s feelings taxes you, this is probably not a good match. However, if you are open to being mindful of your partner’s feelings and offering a little TLC, the love you’ll get in return is pretty much incomparable!

Once a Cancer lets you in (which can take a while; that shell can be tough to crack), you’ll find an artistic and thoughtful soul who wants to put down roots. Familial connections are very important to Cancer, whether they be blood family, or the family of their choosing. This is one reason why a partner is so valuable to them. Cancers are decidedly loyal once they’ve found the right one.

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Don’t mistake all this sweetness for passivity. Cancers are also very, very hard workers (workaholics, some of them) and they will sometimes put their work above their home life, especially once settled. You’ll have to remind them that you need caring for as much as whatever’s going on at the office. It’s not that they’ve lost interest in love, it’s that they’re busy trying to take care of you in other ways. The upside of this work ethic is that it offers you the best of both worlds: an attentive partner when present, who also requires plenty of time to themselves.Cancers tend to be leaders in business; while they’re not quick to take risks, the ones they do choose quite often pay off.

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In the bedroom, Cancer is an adventurous lover who is open to just about anything. They see sex as the ultimate connection and are often open to more than just a little kink. Ignore them sexually and they’re either apt to stray, or at the very least become increasingly insecure and need even more assurance, that really, only sex will cure. You’ll need to be attentive in bed, but the favor will be returned, 10 fold.

In short, life with a Cancer is a highly rewarding experience—if you’re willing to give as much as you get!

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25 thoughts on “Cancer: The Perfect Sign for You

  1. Lake Girl

    I am a Cancer, but with a Leo ascendant, so I am not the milk toast Cancer that some Cancers are. If you get a passive type, they are never going to set the world on fire, so ladies, if you want a really strong guy, better have an astrologer look at his Sun sign. I have had both, in fact, three Cancers, married one, dated a dr. for a long time who was a Cancer, and just had a Cancer, a strong business owner break up with me……..yes, it was his sensitivities……….watch out with the sensitive types, they will hold everything inside, and one day either blow up, or just disappear on you.

    In my opinion, the best type of men for a Cancer woman, is a strong Capricorn, or a Pisces that is successful, or a Cancer if you can deal with their moodiness, and if they are motivated to make it in the world. My worst type……a strong Aries, a Sag (many of these are commitmentphobics.) Or a Gemini.

  2. martha

    For Yvonne who wanted to know if a Capricorn man and a Cancer woman match……Yes!!
    This is one of the very best matches possible…..they are opposite each other on the zodiac. I had a very long relationship with a Capricorn, they are wonderful guys. Most of them are
    family oriented, and they strive to succeed! You will rarely see a poor Capricorn male.

    Cancer males are more difficult, some are quite moody……..however, most have a heart of gold. Just be sure not to get a lazy one! Some are workaholics, some would rather just coast along.

  3. Leisa

    I’m a cancer, everything mention in the newsletter is true, we are very emotional and can be easily hurt by simple words, I’m in love with a pieces, over one year now, one time he’s in my life the next time, he’s not there, I love him truly and still waiting with hopes that he will be in my life forever.

  4. MMG

    I’m in love with a Cancer man and after reading comments, I see all of the above is true and what I’m experiencing. I like people born under the Cancer sign, but they’re so busy trying to protect themselves from being hurt by others that they often don’t realize that those actions hurt those who love them. My guy won’t talk or express his emotions easily…He’d rather text me back and forth than talk to me…He’ll spill his guts in a text, but not on the phone or in person…They’re easily hurt, but won’t express it so the problem can be resolved in order to move on…Sometimes, I think he’s cheating on me because he seems so distant, but he swears he’s not so all I can do at the moment is take him at his word until I see otherwise…I love him dearly, I’m not going to hurt him, I wish he’d trust that…I’ve thought about walking away, but when I’m with him, I enjoy him so much…We’ve been dating for 8 months, but dated before, 6 years ago. We were both at different places in life and he couldn’t commit to me at the time. He’s matured since then and was giving me what I wanted in the relationship, but every now and then he slips back into that crab shell and won’t come out until he’s ready..Help!!

  5. Charlie

    I was married to a gemini, he was a cheater and a liar. We had two kids together, never did or wanted anything. He’s not alive anymore, When he was alive he never made good choices. Always chasing somebody else wife. Didn’t take ca support of the two kds that we had. After we were devorice he wanted to come back and we live together, I told him no because we couldn’t make it in a marriage, living together would never work. Plus he had no income. My husband now was born Janunary 13th and he is not the guy that I thought he was. Men and women both will ran a game if they really want to be a part of your life.

  6. annie

    I am dating a Cancer. The description is pretty accurate. I think I finally cracked his shell a bit, after 5 months. But he is such a introvert. It is difficult for me. Even though we are in a relationship, he shows no desire to see me or talking to me much. For example, when we could Skype, he rather text. We see each other once maybe 2 weeks, even though we live only half an hour away.

    It has been difficult for me. I would like to see him a lot more than that, and have a lot more communications than that. I am pretty much alone all the time. There are times I really think I can’t take this crab anymore. But when we are together, I do enjoy it.

  7. erica

    Cancers are some of the sweetest people on Earth!!! I know because I am one!!!! @Denise once you push us away, that hurts feelings especially if there was a connection… just try again and see what happens…

  8. nancy

    i am dating a pisces; i am an aries. he is so quick to say i love you but that is where it stops. we live 3 hrs away from each other and don’t see him much. i have a feeling he is seeing someone else but swears he’s not. if i go to see him he suggests that we get a hotel room. how can i get him to open up about this?

  9. Chante

    Omg Thankyou for the info this makes me appreciate cancers even more because I have a best friend and a boyfriend that are cancers , this is all sooooo true! (:

  10. Gemini

    Well, I dated an Cancer (July 4th). Yes, they are all of the above. But, not what I am
    looking for in a life partner. I am a Gemini but, he frankly at the age of 49 has nothing
    to show for the future and can’t afford me and he is not stable. So, had to let he go.
    I have come across another Cancer and had to do the same thing.

  11. Sally Anne

    Very thoughtful appraisal of a CANCER! I am interested in a nice man under that sign; born on 6/27/43…… would seem he is worth some attention!! Many THANKS!!

  12. Annette

    I am a Scorpio woman and I have found out that I am basically one sign that will not have success with any sign. Friends, yes, anything other than friends, no.

  13. chris

    I love reading about the different signs thank you so much very rewarding can you do one for the beginning may Taurus and beginning of arpil my sister is apri 16th

    Thank you

  14. Christine

    That is the closest to a perfect reading on my sign I’ve ever read!! Thank U!!
    I guess I am pretty moody lol
    cheers Christine
    wish I could find someone that understands that (not the moody part) lol

  15. denise



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