The Best Road Trip Destination for Each Zodiac Sign

Best Road Trip Destination for Each Zodiac Sign | California Psychics

The Call of the Open Road

Well, here we are at the beginning of a new year, and it is the perfect time to plan a getaway for some time in the future. One of the hardest parts of planning a vacation is trying to decide where to go, especially if you do the same thing year in and year out.

Astrological Trip Advisor

To give yourself a nice change of pace at some point this year, take a look at our list of road trip ideas for each zodiac sign. It will come in handy when your wandering feet start to itch. If you want to get really creative, try planning your trip based on your moon sign instead of your sun sign.


How about a trip out to Napa Valley, California to ride the Napa Valley Wine Train? Enjoy seeing the beautiful views while sampling the finest wines that the area has to offer on an elegantly appointed train. Pure bliss.


Learn to let go on your vacation and set your sights on a trip that takes place in one of the national parks. Getting closer to nature may help you to relax a bit and enjoy your downtime. Don’t forget to take plenty of videos and pictures to keep the memories alive.


Why not take some downtime and enjoy the tranquil waters of Vero Beach in Florida? Spend an afternoon strolling through the McKee Botanical Gardens, do some shopping, and then plan on dining on the beach while enjoying the sunset.


Whether you are traveling alone or bringing along the entire clan, why not take advantage of a private villa situated on the water? Locations like Hawaii or the U.S. Virgin Islands offer many such escapes that can be enhanced with any number of activities.


Scene stealing and limelight-loving Leo should take a trip to good old Broadway for their road trip. Taking in all the energy in addition to several shows is right up your alley. Whether you go to the tried-and-true performances or take in a little-known show, you are bound to have a fantastic time.


A log cabin getaway is just what the doctor ordered for good old Virgo. The serenity and peacefulness speak to your need for quiet and being surrounded by the forest gives you ample opportunity for long hikes and walks before coming back and sitting by a roaring fire.


A visit to an all-inclusive resort will perk up Libra’s ears and interest. A venue where fun, culture, and fabulous meals all come together is exactly what levelheaded Libra is all about. There is always something fun to do and they will get a chance to meet some fascinating people along the way.


Pick a coast and grab your board, your surfboard that is! The thrill and excitement of hitting the waves speak volumes to your hunger for excitement and love of water. Take a few lessons and then get out there and enjoy yourself. When you’ve had enough of catching a few waves, dry off and head to an Escape Room with a bunch of your friends and think your way out of the locked room.


Who said your road trip had to be in the country you live in? You love to be totally immersed in the culture that you are visiting, so your trip might actually start months before your feet hit the ground. Learning a new language and all you can about the culture is as much fun as getting there. Once there, you might want to rent a flat or house so that you can truly get a sense of the people and their way of life.


Capricorn’s love of the finer things in life might be stirred by either a trip to California to view the beautiful Victorian-era homes known as the “Painted Ladies” or heading to the other side of the country to tour the majestic “Summer cottages” of that same era in Newport, Rhode Island.


For our free-spirited Aquarians, pick a direction and go. For you, the journey is just as important as the destination. You will find great pleasure and peace from finding little, out-of-the-way stops that are as unique as you are.


Spiritually focused Pisces might enjoy spending some time at a Nevada holistic spa for their vacation. Between mud baths, meditation sessions, yoga, and shaman healing sessions, you will come back refreshed and renewed.

A Blessing for Adventure

Wherever this upcoming year finds you, may it fill your life with happiness, adventure, and many opportunities to grow.

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