Best Halloween Costume Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Best Halloween Costume Based on Your Zodiac Sign | California Psychics

Spooky Fun for the Zodiac

Halloween is the time to rejoice in the astonishing transformations we can create for ourselves by wearing any costume we please. We get to channel our inner child and use our infinite imaginations to become anything we wish. For those zodiac signs symbolized by animals, you’ve got built-in fun, right there!

To give you some inspiration for All Hallows’ Eve outfits, here are some ideas for what each zodiac sign should be for Halloween!


Go all in and be your symbol in real life: A ram! Golden horns, soft fur, cloven hooves, and of course, a fiery attitude. Or you could become Ares, the God (or Goddess) of War. As you wish. Also, you were made to wear the costumes of superheroes like Superman, Supergirl, or Hawkeye! If you’re feeling a bit dastardly, however, you can be the evil Kingpin, Lady Deathstrike, or the Green Goblin instead.


This is the perfect time to emulate the appearance of your zodiac symbol: A bull. A lovely pair of sharp horns, long eyelashes, and maybe a fun nose ring could be just the thing to capture the essence of your sign. Then again, you’d make a fantastic superhero like Captain America, Wonder Woman, Peacemaker, or even the Great Pumpkin. You could also have a good time being bad as Morgan Le Fay or Darkseid.


With The Twins as your zodiac symbol, you can easily wear costumes that represent multi-faceted characters who vacillate between light and dark like Harley Quinn, or who could believably act as any character like John Wayne. Find a friend and be Thing One and Thing Two or be someone out of this world like evil Thanos, or the (usually) good Dr. Strange.


You have the Crab as your symbol, and a pair of large snapping claws, some tiny antennae, and a zig-zag walk could do the trick of helping you resemble your sign. You also love nature, so going as tree-like being Groot could be a blast. You might enjoy dressing as other superheroes like Green Lantern, Zatanna, or the Black Panther! Or have fun being bad as Lex Luthor or Talia al Ghul.


Now is your chance to represent your zodiac symbol of the glorious Lion! Turn yourself into a beautiful big cat with a huge mane and long tail, and if you like, include your mate and cubs to become a whole pride. You may prefer to shine like a superhero such as Ironman, Scarlett Witch, Vision, or someone magical like Harry Potter. If you want to be a bit naughty, be Killer Frost or Magneto.


You are represented by the Virgin, and you could dress as a lovely maiden in a long gown with flowers in your hair to show off your zodiac symbol. Then again, you could become a superspy like James Bond, or a superhero like Wolverine, Black Widow, Gamora, or Martian Manhunter. Someone thoughtful, smart, and brave like Hermione would be equally fitting, as would bad girl Enchantress or bad guy Ra’s al Ghul.


You could create a costume based on the golden scales of balance to represent your zodiac symbol, or become a superhero like Spider-Man, Deadpool, Rocket Raccoon, Invisible Woman, the evil-turned-good Emma Frost, or the bad Two-Face. You could also dress like an athlete from your favorite Olympic event as represented by such fantastic gymnasts like Simone Biles or Sunisa Lee, or swimmer Caeleb Dressel to name a few examples.


It’s time to revel in your vaunted hotness, Scorpion! You could style a dangerous look resembling your zodiac symbol with sharp claws, extra legs, and a long tail with a stinger attached, or become the sexy Marilyn Monroe or the sultry Mata Hari. Another option could be to step into the dark night as a superhero such as Batman, Batgirl, the bad/good Catwoman, or rock your outfit as Thor wielding his hammer, Mjölnir. You could also be a sexy villainess such as Poison Ivy, Hela, or even the scary villain, Galactus, before he transforms into Lifebringer.


You could have a great time dressing up to resemble your zodiac symbol of the Archer with a bow and quiver of arrows, and perhaps a tunic with a cocky Robin Hood-style cap. You could even go all out and wear the half-horse body of the Centaur! Or embrace your Archer persona by becoming a superhero like the Green Arrow, turn into Black Canary, Incredible Hulk, She-Hulk, the wicked Circe, or the supervillain Joker.


How delightful it might be to transform yourself into your zodiac symbol of the beautiful sea-goat with curled horns, soft fur, and a sparkling mermaid/merman tail. Or make yourself into Rich Uncle Pennybags, the Hasbro Monopoly game mascot, or his niece, Ms. Monopoly! If you prefer to be an elegant movie star, you might try Greta Garbo, Jean Harlow, or Cary Grant. For the Capricorn superhero fans, you might enjoy being a superhero like Mr. Fantastic, Starfire, the Atom, the anti-hero The Punisher, or one of the supervillains Bloodsport or Mystique.


Your zodiac symbol is the Water Bearer and donning a toga while carrying a rather large (paper-mâché?) vase could be a most convincing costume for you. Though, you might instead want to be a splendid superhero such as Star-Lord, The Flash (like Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen), Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers), or the always awesome Indiana Jones! If you want to dabble in the dark side, become Darth Vader, Dr. Doom, Loki, Cheetah, or Black Cat.


You may wish to wear a glittering fish outfit while carrying another fish or have a friend come along as a twin fish to show off your zodiac sign. You could also wish to emulate the glamorous Rita Hayworth, the strong Gary Cooper, or the talented Samuel L. Jackson. Or you could become a superhero like Aquaman, a bad-guy-turned-good-guy like Resident Alien (he goes by Harry as his extra-terrestrial name is considered “unpronounceable”), or someone delightful, yet strong like Sailor Moon. If you’d like to go for the bad girl vibe, there’s Songbird or a dangerous vibe, there’s the ominous King Shark.

Happy Halloween!

Whatever you choose to become this Halloween, may this night of candy-filled thrills, chilling excitement, and wicked glee be a fantastic time of childlike fun, delight, and joy for you and your loved ones.

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