Awaken Your Soul

Unlocking Your Soul’s Purpose

We’re all here for a reason. Think of yourself as a soul wrapped in a human body. You can use your earthly existence to find your soul’s purpose and its path to perfection.

Astrology isn’t merely a glance at what your day, week or month will be like. Through astrology you can unlock your secret self and awaken your soul to its true purpose—the reason you’re here on Earth today and in this lifetime.

North and South Nodes and Your Karmic Path

Where the Moon orbits over the ecliptic line at your time of birth determines your North and South Nodes. The Nodes are “invisible” points in your chart but no less important than any other part of your chart, if not more important.

You have a goal in life—a reason for being. You reach that goal with a complete set of instructions laid out for you through interpretation of your North and South Nodes.

Past, Present, Future

In short, the South Node reveals traits of your past and the North Node depicts what you’re capable of achieving and what you’re here to learn in this lifetime. Understanding their meaning will awaken your soul to its true path. And with that, here’s your horoscope!


Forging your own path feeds your soul. You should strive to seek your own truth even if it contradicts other’s desires.


In this life your goal is self-empowerment and finding self-worth within your own value system.

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Your goal is to appreciate the merit of others’ points of view—shifting tunnel vision into a more panoramic view.


You will find real inner peace when you become less goal-oriented and spend more time identifying with the emotional needs of those you care for.


If you get in touch with your creative side and connect with others on a more personal level, you will create your own definition of success.


Turning your goals into actionable plans that benefit both you and others will lead you straight to real success.


Finding balance between physical and material pursuits and seeking the serenity of life’s more quiet moments is the path to awaken your soul.

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Be brave and risk the love of success to seek the meaning of true love and understanding of others. True power and success are found through vulnerability.


Seeking your own definition of wisdom, truth and understanding of life is your path. Find your own way of living in your own set of values.


You seek to move away from the immediate drama and dependence of your past by expanding it into the world—always do it with integrity. You are your own trailblazer.


Your vision of Utopia is found on a path less traveled by others. You are unique and a humanitarian, avoiding the labels put on you by others.


Allow yourself to relax and enjoy life without having to constantly watch over others. To err is human, and that’s okay.

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    dear LJ,
    love this information. the nodes are often overlooked – how can ya overlook karma 🙂
    I will be that trailblazer –
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