Astrology and Your Tax Return

Spend or Save?

Are you a spender, saver or an impulsive, let’s-see-how-I’m-feeling-in-the-moment kind of person? If you have a tax return coming to you, you may be thinking about how you’d like to spend it. And what you choose has a lot to do with your Sun sign. Some Sun signs have their tax returns spent before they even receive them, and others would rather put the money away for a rainy day. Well, if you’re looking for confirmation of your intentions or perhaps a suggestion, here’s a little astrological help to guide you to the best way to spend your tax return.

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Impulse is your middle name! Even though you may deposit that check and admire your balance for a bit, you’ll eventually find some must-have to spend your money on, such as a new piece of furniture, or a faux-fur collared leather coat.


Let’s be honest Taurus, you like your baubles and beautiful things. Buying that pair of diamond studs or that aqua designer bag was always your intention, so just own it and splurge. You’ve had something in mind since you filed your taxes.


With so many choices, deciding how to spend your tax return may be tough. How about an outdoor fridge for your backyard parties or a new state-of-the-art grill? Then of course, a last-minute trip to a tropical island could be exciting too.


According to most astrologers, you’re a saver. However, a tax return can feel like found money or a gift from the universe, and you’d never let a gift go to waste. Buying anything for your home will make you happy as long as it’s classic, stylish and long-lasting, like a fine piece of furniture.


When your tax return arrives, the first thing you’ll want to do is get the gang together and celebrate with a fun night out. And if that night turns into a weekend at the beach, then what the heck, you’ll be back when the money runs out. You live all your nine lives as if you’ll only live once.


You’re not as predictable as everyone assumes, Virgo. Most would likely expect you to put the money into something practical like your business or your home. However, you place a high value on your body and your health, so a spa trip is not out of the realm of possibility. If you have kids, they’ll be your first priority.


Even if you spend your tax return on something for yourself, you’ll be sure to buy your partner something nice. You love the look on their face when you give them a surprise. How about matching motorcycle jackets or a couple’s massage?


You abhor bills of any kind. So, you’re most likely to put that check in an interest-bearing account and act like it never existed. However, if you find yourself in the mood to spend and the price is right, you may just enjoy the ability to buy something fun.

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When it’s a question of paying bills or finding ways to spend your tax return, there’s simply no contest. You hit the road running—perhaps to a little-known destination where you’ll buy unusual mementos that help you remember your journey. Life is an adventure.


“Quality over quantity” is your motto. You could spend your tax return on a fine leather bag or a unique item for your home. However, if you’re still waiting for that perfect find, you’ll deposit the check where you can build upon it. Then you can buy something no one else has.


When your tax return comes in, you’ll likely have tons of gadgets, tchotchkes and doohickeys in mind to purchase. Perhaps you’ll get a whimsical wind chime or a birdbath for your yard. To you, your tax return is like found money meant to be used for fun and frivolity.


To live life in duality is to live as a Pisces. You do enjoy shopping as long as it’s for something you need, but you also enjoy the security found in watching your savings grow. No one can tell how you’re going to spend your tax return until you’ve already spent it.

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