Astrology Predicts Earthquakes?

Some of you may remember astrologers had forecast periods when various natural disasters would be likely. We saw the trends and knew that there would be major events or disruptions to our daily lives (earth events), but most of us did not pinpoint the specific times/locations. Hindsight is actually great for astrologers, as we can all see specific signatures when we cast these event charts and build our databases. Ultimately though, we want to be able to predict such catastrophes and warn people to prepare for earth events or move away from harm at specific locations and times. Some have done it in the past, and we’re all getting closer.

Like your local meteorologist, geologist or financial forecaster, we astrologers are making use of the computer wonders available. We don’t have their funding, but we “network” to share what we’ve discovered in our research databases. We interpret and research ancient texts with their lost knowledge, and we are studying the new discoveries in the sky. We are making leaps forward in our analysis, as the scientists and financial wizards have done with their relatively vast resources.

When an astrologer is studying the planets and stars to plan a daily or monthly forecast – we are dealing with many dynamic interactions. We also face many conflicting and converging forces coming together as with the weather, plate tectonics or our financial markets. Like those forecasters, we see powerful trends that have proven through history to bring intense changes in the world. We also see the “triggering” mechanism of Mercury, Venus and particularly, the Moon. Most importantly for being very specific, we use what we call “the angles” – the points on the horizon, directly overhead and those of the sun and moon’s interaction. This is the tricky part in pinning down a specific time and location. That’s what we’re planning to do more effectively as we develop more data.

Our research now uses the revived technique of astrological mapping, so there is hope that we may soon be providing these forecasts in a timely and effective manner. Secondly, we have these wonderful new planets that have been discovered and named, and we now have some research along with their mythic stories. These new dwarf planets are prominent in events of our Mother planet – like earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc. Astrologers have noticed that newly discovered and named solar system objects carry the energy, flavor and breakthroughs of that time. The new planets’ imagery and myths appear to speak very clearly to our current world situation.

The amazing Sedna orbits our Sun but goes deep into space. She was named for the Inuit goddess at the bottom of the Arctic Sea and has been prominent in volcanic/earthquake/tsunami charts since before 1600 BC, per our research. Makemake from Rapa Nui (Easter Island) is involved in events where humanity’s technology needs to respect and be in harmony with our planet/home. The Hawai’ian Mother Goddess Haumea demands our respect for the Earth’s bounty and health. They are all notably prominent in the recent oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico and in other ecological events. Eris, whom we have described as “shaking up the status quo” has been found to be “at the scene of the crime” in nearly all earthquake events so far in our research.

Don’t miss our articles in July at “California Psychics” where we will tell you much more about these new planets, their influences in your personal chart, as well as in major world changes!

It’s an exhilarating time for astrologers and their clients. Our knowledge base is growing at a phenomenal rate, and we appreciate among our ranks a number of PhDs in astronomy, psychology, finance, and other areas. As your local meteorologist or geologist may let you know of tornado signatures, hurricanes developing and earthquake probability, we plan to be better and better at giving you a “heads up” on the specifics. Earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes speak to us about living in harmony with our generous environment, and our newly named planets are about this part of our human evolution. They tell the mythic story of our recognition of our home and the “hand that feeds us” our Mother planet.

All we have to do is show respect for our planet, observe the cycles and trends and listen to the mythology of the stars.

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