Astrology: Is it True Love or a Fling?

Astrology Knows the Difference

When love comes in the door, reasoning and reality can sometimes fly out the window. Luckily, astrology is always there. While we’re busy kissing princes and butterflies are flittering about and the birds are singing, you can just feel it—you’re in love—but is it meant to last?

You know that if you truly want to enjoy that full-on feeling of “safe and secure” you’ve got to be sure if it’s true love or a fling. Astrology can tell in many different ways if you’re compatible forever or just for now. In either case, you’ll have your answer.

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Venus and Mars – The Lovers

Venus and Mars would do well in the 21st century, perhaps writing a love column—they have insight into what we want, what we like and they joyfully point us in the direction of the one who really “does it” for us. They know a fling from the real thing.

For a woman, it’s her Mars signs that shows her exactly what she wants in lasting love and the traits to look for in that special man. She may channel Venus when she wants to attract a man and even when she’s negotiating the price on a new pink convertible, but Mars is the one that points out “the one” and says, “He’s over here. Look over here.”

For a man, Mars is there when he’s picking out clothes for a night out or when he wants to create his own personal style; he knows how to attract attention. Mars knows what will get a girl to look his way, but it’s a man’s Venus sign that knows what he really wants in a lasting relationship.

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Through the Astrological Houses

There are also clues that can be found in the houses of the zodiac. If you’re in a relationship that’s hot and heavy and you want to know if it will sizzle for all time or burn bright and then suddenly fizzle out like a dying sparkler, remember that true love relationships are all about compatibility, but flings are all about the heat. Get a love compatibility reading with astrologer Psychic Nicholas ext. 5499 and see if the relationship will last.

The Seventh House (Love Thing)

Partnerships, like the union of marriage for instance, fall under the seventh house. Ruled by the partnership sign, Libra, this house is all about commitment.

The Eighth House (Fling Thing)

This is the house of transformation through sexuality as well as the house of secrets. Activity in this house points to the more clandestine type of relationship also known as a fling.

The Fifth House (Either a Fling or a Love Thing)

Some call the fifth house the house of true love, but it’s also known as the house of pleasure and love affairs. That’s not to say that a pleasurable love affair couldn’t turn out to be true love; that’s entirely up to you and your amore.

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8 thoughts on “Astrology: Is it True Love or a Fling?

  1. Patricia

    My houses and His houses are all in the same element. AND ALSO our big three Sun: me – Aries (2nd decan) him – (1st decan) MOON: me – cancer, him – Aries SO I HAVE 2 FIRES AND 1 WATER HE HAS 2 FIRES AND 1 AIR. IS THIS A TWIN FLAME ENCOUNTER??
    . mine. his

    asc I. SAG. ARIES.
    IX. LEO. SAG

  2. rajni

    myself rajni ..m in love with a guy bt leave me without any reason . is this is true love.. i dnt know why which thing is nt in my life so why it@happen in it….

  3. jyoti

    hey m jyoti sagitarious hv a attraction to so
    meone who aftr some time get away from my life… if he is nt in@my life@then@why god meet me and him… is it love or timepasss …..

  4. Blanca Solis

    I am a pices that believe in true love snd respect which im in relationship and has to pieces for the fact he wasn’t a true believer or does not care about our feelings?

  5. Romeo Tariman

    I am,Sagitarrius,born on Dec.13,951,married to a Sagitarrian too,Dec.16,955,but I was
    having an affair with other woman,and Im in love with her too. Is this love or fling.

  6. Jessica Muhammad

    I am a Sagitarrius. The man I am dealing with is an Aries born on April 6, 1962, and I was born on Dec. 17, 1971. What could my compatibility with this man possibly be?

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