Astrology Basics: Your Fifth House

Do you live or die for your creativity? Are you completely creatively blocked? Do you long for children or are you completely repelled by the idea of parenting? Are you deeply romantic and lucky in love? Or perhaps consistently unlucky?

All of these questions are the province of the Fifth House in your astrological birthchart. It’s naturally ruled by the Sun, the source of creation and life force, and expressed through Leo, the creative, warm, generous spirit.

No matter what your relationship to your creativity, children or romance, this important astrological house holds the keys. The planets residing in the Fifth House at the moment of your birth reveal the challenges and gifts you’ll face this lifetime. With this knowledge you’ll be better able to understand and manage this area of your life.

Fifth House Sun
Warm creativity infuses everything you do. You’re known for your attractive, sunny personality, generous character and ability to set a room alight. You love to express yourself and need to be admired and noticed, making you a natural as an actor or presenter. You’ll have lots of friends and admirers, and your children will be similarly blessed. However, when everyone needs to be center stage, learning give and take will be an important part of home life. Challenges can be being too egocentric, so demanding of energy that you suck all the oxygen out of the room, and being overly self-confident even when you’ve got no expertise in an area. Be careful of gambling or impulsive investments you may deeply regret.

Fifth House Moon
Your deeply felt emotions are the source of your considerable creativity, and their direct expression is your gift to the world. Yet you’re easily influenced and overly impressionable. Be careful that you don’t lose sight of your divinely inspired vision when working collaboratively, don’t allow yourself to imagine the reaction of your audience while creating because in both cases the true creative impulse can be lost. You can be too trusting and easily manipulated by those who’d like to part you from your money to your loss. Romantically, you can get so emotionally attached that it’s very difficult for you to get out of a bad relationship.

Fifth House Mercury
Mental and intellectual impulses are the source of your creativity. This makes you an excellent writer, scholar or speaker; your subject matter will be your interesting, dynamic and fascinating ideas. In order to be fulfilled in life, the life of the mind, things intellectual and mentally stimulating are essential for your happiness. Given your love of information, the stock market will be something you could explore with great interest and probable success. Your relationship with your children, for better or worse, will be intellectual.

Fifth House Venus
This is a fortunate placement, you’ll be wildly attractive to others, lucky in your romantic conquests, and generally well liked wherever you roam. This magnetism also translates into a special aesthetic power over an audience whether it is expressed as an actor, a decorator or any other type of art. You will have a naturally loving relationship with children and may find that your creative abilities are heightened by working with children.

Fifth House Mars
Passionate, excitable, and energetic in your creativity, you’re likely to shine in physical creativity, acting, dance or athletics. You have a boyish delight in acting out and being impulsive which adds dynamism and perhaps danger to your performances. Romantically, you’re blessed with the sexual power and aggressiveness of Mars, making you an ardent lover and until maturity quite jealous. This also points to a tendency for uncontrolled competitiveness, sometimes making you a sore loser. When you have children, a great deal of your energy will be devoted to them.

Fifth House Jupiter
This fortunate placement virtually guarantees you luck, privilege and perhaps a feeling of entitlement to the better things in life. You’ll be admired for your sensual enjoyment of life but to be fulfilled you’ll also need to feel your creativity is expressed and your deeper values are explored. Your crowning achievement will be in the form of contributing to society through your success in religion, philosophy, or idealistic political activity. You may be inclined to a large family, either literally or through a family of choice made up of devoted and talented friends.

Fifth House Saturn
Saturn’s cautious nature will express itself in your creativity, romances and children. This can save you from impulsive and bad decisions if you manage yourself well, yet if you let caution squelch all opportunities, you’ll end up with the bad life your caution meant to protect you against. You’re a natural manager but your most difficult management task is yourself. Then applying those management skills to creative business or political success will be a snap. If you’re drawn to be an artist, don’t despair, you will be recognized for your work but not until later in life.

Fifth House Uranus
Your life will always be interesting, if frustrating, because you’ve been given inventiveness, creativity and radical change in your fifth house. This translates to lots of unexpected (yet usually positive in the end) and sudden change. These sudden changes can be hardest to deal with the in romantic arena. You’ll need to learn to trust in the process of life. In order to manage this dynamic tendency for radical change you’ll need to learn to manage yourself, your impulsiveness and stubborn independence. As poetic justice, your children will share these qualities.

Fifth House Neptune
Dreamy, magical, creative Neptune gives you great talent for music, drama, theater or inventive fantasy stories. You are deeply creative and romantic in your love life, although not at all realistic. Over time you’ll need to learn to see what is real and what is hope-filled fantasy and when you act on this knowledge, only then will your love life bear fruit. Your children will be equally dreamy and you’ll suffer watching them make the same mistakes you made, worse of all they won’t listen to your advice.

Fifth House Pluto
The planet of power and dominance injects some inspiring magic into your creativity and romantic life. You may be interested in controlling and stunning others with your creative efforts, and stunning they will be. Romantically, you may want to dominate or be dominated, making the wise choice of a partner essential. You’re strong-willed, hard to control and deeply stimulating to others. Manage your talents and you’ll do well. Fall victim to your dark impulses instead and you won’t be so lucky!

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