Astrology and Past Lives

Find Out When You Lived… and Why

Astrology is remarkable in its ability to hone in on specific past lives and eras that are the most influential in your present life. Those lives aren’t necessarily the ones which are most easily revealed by psychic readings and past life regressions, but they do form the “bones,” the structure of belief and experience, which are most relevant to your present soul development.

Each of the outer planets – Pluto, Neptune, Uranus and Saturn – contributes an important piece of the puzzle, along with the moon’s nodes. The astrological sign in which each one is placed indicates when in history (which Astrological Age) you spent the past lives which hold the clues to this incarnation’s tasks and highest possibilities.

The ages are defined by the precession of the equinoxes, which, as you will see, moves backwards.

Planets, Karma and Evolution

Saturn indicates the time period in which you developed the spiritual and psychological foundations that provide the “bones,” or belief structure of this life.

Pluto placement, whether or not it’s retrograde, indicates how you signed on to help humanity. Pluto retrograde shows when you incurred karma, positive or negative, that you signed up to balance in this lifetime.

Uranus reveals when your soul developed the (then) rebellious spiritual understandings that will help you transform what Saturn indicates you are working on now.

Neptune usually shows the Age in which your present artistic, psychic or mystical abilities were developed.

Through the Ages

Look at either the Age or sub-Age below to learn when you had the defining experiences for each of the transformational, outer planets in your chart. The dates are approximate.

Age of Pisces (Virgo sub-age), 100 BC to AD 2060 – Deeply mystical, seeking the truth behind what we perceive with our five senses. The Virgo sub-age (980 -2060 AD), including the Crusades, has attempted to define what Jesus symbolized. The sub-age creates a challenge that deepens the age’s lesson, in this case Virgo trying to define and make concrete that which is formless and mystical.

Age of Aries (Libra sub-age), 2260 to 100 BC – The survival of the tribe was paramount. Moses and Pharaoh’s laws gave form, while wars were waged to protect both tribal identity and boundaries. During the Libra sub-age (1,180 to 100 BC), classical Greece and Rome in their prime tried to balance their needs with the intellectual and creative possibilities of both the individual and the tribe or nation.

Age of Taurus (Scorpio sub-age), 4300 to 2150 BC – In the first part of this phase, slow, careful lives were led, laying the foundations of great cultures in Egypt, Asia, the Middle East (Babylon and Sumeria), as well as Central and South America. The Scorpio sub-age (3340 to 2150 BC) saw the pinnacle of Egypt’s courts and priesthoods, the rise of the Zoroastrian religion, and the sacrificial practices of Indochinese, South and Central American cultures. This age featured pain, underground gods, and great temple schools; also the power of sex as a religious and social process, as with the Great Rite.

Age of Gemini (Sagittarius sub-age) 6460 to 4300 BC – The idea of the great temple schools of the Scorpio Age was seeded here, with thriving goddess-based cultures such as the Neolithic site in Malta. Women in particular seem to have memories of sacred schools and often recognize friends of today from those past lives. The theme of duality, Yin/Yang and sacred twins was important. The Sagittarius sub-age (5380 to 4300 BC) marked the time of great adventure and exploration, peopled by wanderers who spread human influence across Asia, Africa, Europe and Russia.

Age of Cancer (Capricorn sub-age), 8620 to 6460 BC – The rigid ideas about power, discipline and certainty which led to Atlantis’ downfall, described by prophet Edgar Cayce as land and temples sinking into the sea, and clouds full of fire and lightning, were developed and bore their poisonous fruit during this age. The subsequent Capricorn sub-age (7660 to 6460) was all about surviving, with powerful personalities dominating needy people.

Age of Aquarius (Leo sub-age), 10,660 to 8,620 BC and soon 2060 to 4420 AD – Although we don’t have much of a recorded historical context for the first Ages of Aquarius/Leo, early Atlantis probably developed during this time, perhaps following the Lemurians, who are believed to have been composed more of energy than matter. We will be finding out more soon about the lessons of the new Age of Aquarius/Leo, already dubbed the Age of freedom, technology, humanitarianism… and, if we’re not careful, Big Brother.

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5 thoughts on “Astrology and Past Lives

  1. Roman

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  2. Karen Atkinson Garrison

    My Uranus is in Cancer 23 degrees.
    So to follow this idea as described here, my *then* rebellious ideas were what?

    The *opposite* of the controlled rigid ways of Atlantis then?
    Or those controlled rigid ways that led to their downfall* is* how I was and am now?

    I have been told a few times that I was in Atlantis, yes. Otherwise,( if it is so!), I don’t know many facts about myself from then.

    I can see the “bare bones” of psychological and spiritual concepts concerning my Saturn in 0 deg Scorpio. My life was charactirized in so many ways with the beliefs and ideas discribed–just in more modern 20th century ways of course.
    I wish there *was* more information re Pluto however, as my Pluto in Leo in the 7th Hse seems important.

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  4. Leisha Gibbons

    Interesting article I feel i have done something of great importance in the past which I am to do in the present. Proud to be aquarius born 😀

    I found it a bit of a coincidence your brought up the topic of lemuria and atalantic as I am very interested and embedded on those past civlisations. Esp tht of Lemuria and even borrowed book based on lemuria, Its obvious that the place Mu did exist. Some of those so called experts who are in denial are lying to themselves about its existance.

  5. misskrystal

    Loved this. Thanks Verbena. It sure pans out right in my own chart-
    North node in pisces, in the 7th house….(I wil just use this 1 as an example)
    I am with a pisces, my partner, and I help myself, including everyone else around me settle things in their lives. I know for a fact this placement gives me compassion, as well as forgiving. So people who know me, would see how this fits me to “T”

    Miss Krystal


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