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You are having problems with your lover, and your Virgo friend listens patiently to the tale. Your boss is totally driving you crazy, and analytical Virgo assesses the situation fairly. Your best friend is ignoring you, and truthful Virgo tells you why. Virgo is one of the wisest signs – yet we never want to listen to the Virgos in our lives. Why is that?

Virgo truly do strive for perfection in all things – including in the advice they give. This earthy sign has a knack for looking at things from all angles, and can quickly run several scenarios and possible outcomes to any given situation in the blink of an eye. Behind that calm exterior, they are weighing all of the facts, and looking for any missing pieces to the quandary or puzzle. They scrutinize every detail. When you go to a Virgo for help of any kind, your problem has just become their problem, and it is in their nature to worry. They don’t want to steer you wrong! But many times when you ask for this information, you’re not ready to hear it – because it means that if you have an honest assessment of a situation, you will then have to act on it.

Sound and serious
When you take your troubles to a Virgo, you can expect to walk away with a solution – but that doesn’t mean you are going to like what you hear. Common sense and practicality are part of the core nature in a Virgo, and whether it’s logical or not, they expect others to be blessed with these traits as well. So if you are being oblivious to your own faults or responsibilities – Virgo is going to let you know. And that isn’t always a pleasant experience. This sign can be quite skeptical and critical, but not because they are trying to belittle you. They just hold others to high standards, though these are often lower than those they set for themselves.

Annoyingly right
When a Virgo gives advice, it tends to be as a well thought-out plan. Since they are trying to help you out, resist your urge to take a defensive stance. They may not have explained all the intricacies of their conclusions, because their only goal is to solve the problem at hand. If you decide to try and argue, you are opening the doors to an interesting debate. By the time you have finished venting your opinions, you may have only given them more ammunition to strengthen their case. As frustrating as it may be, Virgo has this nasty habit of being right!

So, why don’t we listen?
Virgos are thinkers and do-ers. They don’t talk simply to hear the sound of their own voices, or put off until tomorrow what should be done today. Unfortunately, many a Virgo has put their valuable time and effort into trying to solve the problems of others (and of the whole world), only to see things remain the same. From the Virgo point of view, it seems as if we just don’t listen!

But we do hear you, Virgo, and we often have to eat crow and admit that you were right. Your hearts are golden, and few can deny that your advice is often succinct and sound. Yet being the stubborn people we are, there are times when we put your words of wisdom aside, and do things our own way. And you just have to accept that it is our path, not yours – even when we ask you for advice. Sure, many troubles could be avoided, or lessons could be more easily learned – if we’d only listen to our Virgo friends. Yet maybe we’re not meant to go down that particular road.

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