Your April Money Horoscope

 Your Money Horoscope: Make it Rain?

As spring kicks into gear, there’s pep in your step… but are there pennies in your pocket? Let’s hope for a whole lot more than a few pennies! Here’s what the stars have to say about your financial future for the next 30 days. Read your Money Horoscope!

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You’ll need to take an organized approach to all money matters if you want to generate profits this month. It may be a stressful time, financially speaking, but if you commit to consciousness, you’ll reap rewards.


If you’re feeling overwhelmed and under appreciated for all your hard work, stop! While you may not know it yet, your popularity is on the rise. The stars suggest recognition is coming in the form of a financial payout, according to your Money Horoscope.


Your efforts are either beginning to pay off in tangible terms or you’re considering a big change professionally. Whichever the case, the planets are positively aligned for progress… it just may come slower than you’d have hoped.

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Your finances may be tough to reconcile with your increasingly high profile status this month, Cancer. However, while you’re certainly on an upswing in terms of position and reputation, temper any big moves with money for the moment.


You’re trying to make things happen behind the scenes. And while you may be a skilled coordinator, you’re not necessarily benefiting—at least not on the books! Fortunately, the stars may deliver something extra without strings—a gift!


The pressure is on this month when it comes to money, Virgo. Only you will know whether it’s short-term need or long-term change that’s nagging at you. Either way, you’d be well-advised to proceed with caution.


Mercury is retrograde in your sign this month, Libra. That means you should proceed with caution in general—particularly when it comes to money! To profit over the long haul, you’ll need patience and diplomacy, and the latter is your strong suit.

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Like your fellow Water Sign Cancer, you may have trouble distinguishing between your soaring status and your stagnant wallet! Your finances are indeed looking up, but don’t make the mistake of spending money before you make it.


You feel as if money is flowing right now, and it likely is. Be wise in your investments and keep your expenses low to maximize the benefit of this influence. It may be time to invest!

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You’re a born networker, Capricorn, and that is how you will increase your current and future bottom lines this month. Get out there and mingle with the glitterati. It could lead to a new contract or other surprise influx!


Cosmic forces align in your favor this month, moving through your houses of career and money in a beneficial matter to help end a seemingly endless period of effort. You may not have it all figured out yet, but you’re making progress.


This is the beginning of a very promising period, Pisces. Wealth is favored under the influences at hand and you are about to make more than you’re used to, but (and of course, there’s a but) you’re well served to spend carefully anyway.

21 thoughts on “Your April Money Horoscope

  1. Cathy

    Same as Charmaine. Just came out of a relationship, that broke my heart because I never expected it to ever end. Home desperately needs a couple of repairs, which I do not have the finances for. There s no one to help . My health is bad and I am at my witts end. Don’t know which way to turn.
    I am a Cancer. need advise.

  2. TRay

    Im an aries and money has been a big issue these pass few years. What can I do and hope for. Will there be any good changes?

  3. charmaine

    Am having the hardest time right now with fiance love relationship and everything else is like everything is falling apart and don’t think I even have a clue in working it out or even the closest solution to the

    problem need help desperately am I a Scorpio or what

  4. Iz

    Iz dec. 25, 1964

    I am having the hardest time, trying to catch up on my finances. I also don’t think I’m a true Capricorn, do you? I’m really to much of a spender and don’t think about saving for the next time. I hope eventually it changes for me. I’ve gotten myself in a bad situation because of it.

  5. Ibtissem

    Hi Gina I want to know abut my financial situation I am searching to improve it but it is still difficult to me.

  6. Luigi

    Financial armageddon is knocking at the door.and the lender has the offer on the table …. Got any ideas?

  7. elizabeth

    will be moving soon to larger place to work from home, im major stressing must come up with dep and need to get appliances, my partner was out of work for a while so we have 14loans out between the both of us, and yes i did say 14.. any advice?

  8. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Rivers !!!!!!!!!

    Hey there homie, how are you doing ????

    Everybody, especially Faith & I really miss you !

    Hugs….Gina Rose )O( ext.500

  9. Maria

    Thanks for your Information, As i’m a Leo . i really needs some financial to pay off all my debts, and i dont know what job should i look for right now.

  10. Gina Rose ext.9500

    Nice article, ( by S.K.Smith ), and good timing too,….

    …. as I am a Virgo and I’m in the middle of some construction work on my little farm house.
    ( It never ends….lol )

    Gina Rose ext.9500

  11. Darlissia Wise-Parker

    This is true . I invested 2,000.00 into Agape Worship Center as a pledge and 500.00 into my missionaries of Enoch’s Sons and Deborah’s Daughter’s Nationwide Missionaries in suits for m my monthly investment as well as 10,000.00 to the Ministry of Reconciliation in Orangeburg,SC where I attend SCSU. I have also made pledges to my dad’s old church in NEW York and my mom’s as well and the NAACP Legal DEfense Fund for attorneys’ education. Now I am awaiting my attorney John Keffer to settle my case from a back injury and also my new academy and HUman Resource Officer position in Colulmbia,SC Where I attend church. Some cases in South CArolina have gone up to at least 650,000.00 or more. I have just bought some back patches for the pain from CVS until I can get another injection on Thursday at the Pain CEnter. I am also making a million dollar pledge for a gospel recording contract in the future to pay for law school and funeral home businesses for my sons and a restaurant.

    Now let’s see if it comes to past.(smile)

    Sister Darlissia Wise-Parker


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