A Year of Jupiter in Capricorn

On December 18, 2007, Jupiter transited into Capricorn where it will stay for a year. This will present a new cycle of opportunities for everyone in 2008. Just where these opportunities will occur in your life depends on where Jupiter is transiting in your chart. Jupiter will help you understand the bigger picture by expanding your perception of where you need to be.

Jupiter is also the planet of faith. It brings a sense of optimism from knowing that greater forces are at work to support you on your path. But if you’re stuck in a rut, watch out! Jupiter can act as a minor explosive device that blasts you out of your rut onto a new path or perspective. One door is closing just as another is opening.

Beware… passively waiting for luck to knock on your door isn’t the way Jupiter works. You need to be proactive. Looking for opportunities will prompt the Universe to say, “Hey, they’re ready for a big break, let’s help them out!” Keeping that in mind, read your Sun sign (and ascendant) below to see how Jupiter is likely to bless (and stir up!) your life in a big way.

Sagittarius: Expanding your finances will be Jupiter’s blessing, so look for moneymaking opportunities over the next year. Since Jupiter is your ruler, you’ll have no trouble making your own financial luck. Just be sure to keep at least one foot on the ground so you don’t fall for any impossible schemes. Your values will be of importance to you as well, so be sure that the opportunities you accept are right for you.

Capricorn: Jupiter in your sign is just plain lucky for Caps! The next year should see you living a new and expanded personal path, when many of the obstacles to realizing your goals will be lifted. What is your dream? Now is the time to take the steps (leaps!) to manifesting your aspirations. Have faith – the only one holding you back now is you. Look at any blocks you may have to abundance, and kiss those blocks goodbye.

Aquarius: Exploring your unconscious, resolving the past and empowering your intuition will be Jupiter’s gifts throughout 2008. Now is the time to clear away past issues through therapy, meditation or other personal growth activities. This will free up psychic/emotional energy so you can live your true purpose. Analyzing your dreams and heeding your intuition will increase your clarity, as well as your ability to attract opportunities.

Pisces: Fish will be the social butterflies of 2008! Jupiter is about to energize your friendship sector, bringing in new friends and opportunities through groups over the next year. Your social consciousness will also be empowered, encouraging you to help those less fortunate. Look for romance while participating in community activities or other group endeavors. A friend may even play matchmaker – with successful results.

Aries: It’s all about career expansion in 2008, so now is the time to go for your dream job. Just be sure you have most of the details of your plans in place so you can jump on an opportunity at a moment’s notice. Networking with professional people in your field, especially those who are further along on their career paths, will assist you in realizing your goals. Jupiter will also enhance your reputation for leadership. So think big and go for it!

Taurus: Opportunities for furthering your education, exploring your spirituality and traveling abroad will be the focus for bulls in 2008. Opportunities can come through education and religious organizations, as well as foreign travel and contacts. Most important, Jupiter will present a window through which to see your future, so pay attention to your intuition. It’s time to let your faith guide you toward personal and professional fulfillment.

Gemini: It’s time to explore and spruce up your sex life! Jupiter will also help you eliminate emotional blocks to intimacy so you can have a deeper connection with your partner. Or if you’re solo, Jupiter may hook you up with someone who’s fabulous in the sack. On a more practical level, Jupiter can help you expand your finances by bringing in an investor, financial partner or inheritance – in other words, anything to do with other people’s money.

Cancer: For the marriage-minded, Jupiter may bless you with a wedding. More likely, the planet of expansion will help you meet people who are marriage material – more compatible, in other words. For those already blissfully married, Jupiter will bring abundance through your activities as a couple. However, if you’re with a partner who’s wrong for you, they may dematerialize shortly. Count yourself blessed, and know you’ll meet the right one when the time is right.

Leo: It’s time to expand and improve your work and health activities. Look for personal and professional opportunities through health-related endeavors, such as networking with healthcare professionals to promote your projects. Also, look to see what changes need to be made in your work routine by working smarter, not harder. Working as a volunteer for a cause close to your heart can also bring opportunities to expand your business – or love life when you meet someone fabulous!

Virgo: Romance soars to new heights as Jupiter transits through your love sector! It’s time to get out there and socialize if you’re solo, or find a better partner if your relationship has run its course. If you have a fantastic partner but the thrill is (diminished? diverted? gone?), Jupiter will inject some romance back into your love life. It will also expand your creativity, so why not put some of this inspiration to use between the sheets?

Libra: Opportunities abound in the family arena in 2008. Jupiter may present you with an opportunity to buy a home or remodel the home you already have. Use your artistry to make your environment more to your liking. Entertaining at home will show off your artistry as well. Also, look for personal and professional opportunities through family connections. Your focus will also be on expanding or healing family relationships.

Scorpio: Capitalizing on your brilliant ideas will be your focus. Jupiter will bring opportunities through communications and travel, so get ready to promote your projects – even travel to expand your business. Luck can come through marketing, Internet businesses, networking and the travel industry. You may even meet someone special while on a trip or by online dating. Just be sure you’re up for a long-distance romance!

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