A Sexy New Moon

Get ready for some dark and steamy bedroom antics in the next two weeks. A new moon always brings us a fresh burst of invigorating energy each month, but when the new moon is in carnal Water sign Scorpio (November 9, 2007), it will give all 12 Sun signs the opportunity to make some fresh (ah-hum) advances. It will also heighten your passion and power in other areas in life. So get ready to rumble!

Scorpio influences are known to trigger your dark side, so make sure to channel it into fun and pleasure, not jealousy, control or revenge. This New Moon gives you an opportunity to tap into your true passion and power – at home and at work.

During November’s new moon, Mars, the planet that rules our sex drive, will be in the Water sign of Cancer, favorably aspecting the Scorpio new moon and even further amping up the pull of sexual energy for Water signs, Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces.

Here’s how every sign can use this new moon’s sensual energy to its advantage!

Scorpio: Your sign will be the sexiest of all during this new moon. Being primed to try something new, why not try a sensual adventure – perhaps with someone new. With that in mind, don’t discount the great outdoors.

Sagittarius: Your imagination and fantasy life will play out endlessly in your head, prompting you to take a love relationship to a whole new level. Expect some truly intense sexual encounters that will leave your head spinning – and be fuel for daydreams for months to come.

Capricorn: If the romantic fires have been growing a bit cold in an existing relationship, the opportunity to heat things up between the sheets is right in front of you. Single Caps may see a friend in a whole new light! Just be sure you’re both on the same page, before you bust a move.

Aquarius: If frustrations of the romantic kind have been getting you down, burn off a bit of that sexual heat by engaging in some fun, harmless flirting. You may find other’s flirting back for real, including that charming someone you’ve had your eye on in the lunchroom for months.

Pisces: Travel at this time could find you intrigued by and quite possibly landing in the arms of an alluring foreigner. Actually around almost every corner, wherever you are this new moon, romantic opportunities seem to abound. Just imagining the possibilities is hot.

Aries: It’s prime time for you to enjoy some unforgettable new experiences with your romantic partner. Plan some sexy evening adventures in the privacy of your own home. You may be surprised at just how much fun you can have without ever leaving the house.

Taurus: For those who are single, the potential for romance is simmering on hot right now, especially if you are aware of the romantic possibilities. If you’re already involved it’s time to take your love life up a notch or two – think very, very spicy interludes.

Gemini: You are in a sensual frame of mind to the extreme this new moon, as everything leaves you thinking about love and lust. Just don’t forget that a perfect meal can sometimes serve as a wonderful aphrodisiac. Perhaps it’s time to ask someone you’ve had your eye on lately out to dinner. How sly!

Cancer: Your sex drive is going bonkers right now, so use the lust in your heart to

get the ball rolling with a fresh new love interest, or jump-start an existing one. It’s up to you to make the first moves. And should opportunity answer your knock, remind yourself to move beyond your selfish streak – give and take!

Leo: Even though your libido may be running on low right now, make it a point to enjoy some quiet romantic evenings with the special someone in your life. Remember foreplay can lead to more play, especially at times like these when you’re feeling more kitten than cat.

Virgo: Go ahead, let out all your stops and express your deepest feelings to the one you love. It’ll do you both good in the bedroom. If you’re not paired up at the moment, you could find yourself connecting flirtatiously with someone you’d previously thought of as just a friend – yeah, sure!

Libra: Throw down your credit cards and spend some time enjoying the benefits of a splurge of financial freedom with the one who knocks your sox off. It’ll be well-worth the expense to take a trip, see a concert, select a dazzling gift for… or wine and dine the object of your affections.

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