2012: Are You Ready to Change the World?

Get Ready to Play Your Role…

If you feel ready to change the world, you’re in the perfect time and place, as the world-wide energies are all about transformation right now. Here’s what could work for you:

Aries: As long as you don’t let frustration with obstacles stop you in your quest for change, nothing else will!

Taurus: You can change the world through holding to your dedication to life and beauty. You’ll be seeing results by next year.

Gemini: You can influence others with your voice of reason and make massive changes in this manner. You’ll be reaching lots of people if you put your mind to it.

Cancer: You are a pivot point for the changes taking place today. Take care of yourself and gently offer you intuitive revelations to change the world.

Leo: Work with children or in a creative field and you’ll make a huge difference. Creation, parenting, guiding and teaching youth is your opening to change.

Virgo: Be strong and steady and your sacred work will reach everyone. You will see it transforming others before your eyes if you use some creative inspiration.

Libra: Your warrior side happens to be the strong peacemaker, and it is your time to calm others and remind them of the importance of compassion—that is major change.

Scorpio: You will transform people’s dreams, wishes and values so that they can reach a higher, more satisfying realm. Your form of change is about healing.

Sagittarius: You heal others through teaching them. Your gathered wisdom is a gift and you can touch others with it. See the world and make others smile.

Capricorn: Your sign has Pluto, the planet of transformation visiting for a number of years. You create structures that serve humanity, so you might change the financial system, legal system, or government.

Aquarius: Your world change can come about through creating solid networks of people and through your “flashes of brilliance.”

Pisces: Your change will come through your beautiful spiritual creations. It can be intuitive guidance for others or your beautiful poetry, music or dance.

You could very well have the idea whose time has come—and we know there is nothing more powerful.

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