Love Advice for the Virgo Woman

Love Advice for the Virgo Woman

How to Find Love That Touches Your Mind, Body and Soul

Who is the Virgo Woman?

The Virgo woman is sociable, friendly and receptive in just about any situation. She is imbued with a down-to-earth heart, a healing spirit and a logical mind. She’s discerning by nature and takes her time when deciding whom to allow into her trusted circle of friends. But once she lets someone in, she shows quick evidence of her loyalty and the unique value she brings to their life.

The Virgo woman is not complicated by any means, yet she’s difficult to describe in just a few simple words. There are many myths and mysteries surrounding the Virgo woman. For instance, she’s not some virtuous virgin. She’s far too sensual a creature for that, but she is also not quick to jump into tenuous situations. She is very aware of how people perceive her. She’ll never throw caution to the wind, but she will take a calculated risk.

What Does the Virgo Woman Want in Love?

The Virgo woman is a true romantic. She longs for a love that goes beyond physical attraction and has a destined, spiritually connected feeling. She also desires someone who can provide stimulating conversation. A cerebral connection is almost considered foreplay to her. Ideally, she wants a relationship that continually grows. Her view is that love should only become deeper with time. She desires an intuitive and empathic connection—the kind where emotions can be exchanged freely even if there are no words spoken. What she really wants is a love connection with her true soulmate.

The Virgo woman is a great listener who is able to offer sound advice, but when it comes to her own matters, she is sometimes plagued with self-doubt. Having a partner who champions her causes and supports her often lofty ideas would help to alleviate her inner insecurities. That is, if she admits they exist.

What Does the Virgo Woman Need in Love?

When it comes to love, the Virgo woman needs an equal partnership that’s intimate, loving and supportive, and can only be described as “meant to be.” She adores perfection in just about every walk of life, including her love life. If she finds herself in a less than ideal relationship, however, the “harvest maiden” will whip out her sickle and make a clean cut, and she’ll quickly move on to the next romantic candidate. If you fall for a Virgo woman, nurture your relationship, and you’ll have a life-long, committed partnership that gives back every bit as much as you put in, and possibly more.

There are two distinct sides to the Virgo woman: One is the outwardly responsible, smart and socially aware Virgo, and the other is bubbling over in sensual needs and desires. In love, she needs a partner who instinctively and intuitively knows her so well that they can anticipate which side is present at any given moment. An empathic lover will be able to decipher whether the Virgo woman is looking for an intelligent discussion or if she’s looking to rustle the bed covers.

What Does the Virgo Woman Need for a Blissful Love Life?

Because the Virgo woman adores perfection, they can be incredibly hard pressed to find the perfect partner. Often (very often) they’ll seek out another Virgo because they feel, at the very least, another Virgo will understand their needs and desires. But another Virgo is not her only option.

The best love advice for the Virgo woman is to trust her own judgment when it comes to choosing a mate. Creating and cultivating a loving, intuitive and adaptable relationship is absolutely possible whether she’s with a rocket scientist or a romantic song writer—as long as they’re ambitious.

Which Signs are the Most and Least Compatible With the Virgo Woman?

The signs that are most compatible with the Virgo woman are:

  • Taurus
  • Virgo
  • Libra
  • Capricorn

The signs that are least compatible with the Virgo woman are:

  • Aries
  • Gemini
  • Leo
  • Sagittarius

These examples are based on the surface tendencies of each sun sign, but it should be noted that any two people can find compatibility if they really try.

6 thoughts on “Love Advice for the Virgo Woman

  1. Guess

    I’m an Aquarius and I’m in love with this Virgo woman whom I adore but she doesn’t even know my true feelings. She’s the most beautiful soul in my eyes, and she’s beautiful outwardly as well. I pray one day we can finally reunite b/c I can’t stop thinking about her.

  2. AnonVirgo


    “The Virgo woman is sociable, friendly and receptive in just about any situation. She is imbued with a down-to-earth heart, a healing spirit and a logical mind. She’s discerning by nature and takes her time when deciding whom to allow into her trusted circle of friends. “

    I’m assuming you never made it into her trusted circle? And i’m assuming Virgo’s have a good judge of character by not doing so.

    Virgos entitled? I think most are outside looking In b/c they are not the type to share sad stories…but just b/c they don’t, it doesn’t mean they have not had their share.

  3. Anon

    One thing I can’t get over is how ugly, or plain, Virgo women seem to be. They just look “off” – think Stella McCartney, Pippa Middleton, or, since I am feeling particularly bitchy today, milk that’s been in the fridge too long. They even manage to out-complain me – very wearing people.

    Nor can I get over how much good fortune comes their way, despite their not really having had to do too much towards building that fortune – it has just been sheer luck on their part. Whereas, others of us can graft our butts off for years and still be left with nothing. They brass the rest of us off, because they smugly rub the noses of the rest of us in this fact, and as for entitlement – dear me, if you’ve never seen a Virgo woman, you don’t know what entitlement is. That’s all right. Let them live in their own little La La Land, until one day they wake up and smell the coffee and find out their handsome hunk of a husband has left them because they were such a giant pain in the proverbial.

    Ah well, reading the above, I don’t suppose I have anything to be jealous of, and should instead be grateful for what I do have – looks, talent and (a big one) imagination, which, based on my observations, they most certainly do not possess.

    1. Guess

      Wow Only A UGLY person Like You Inside & Out Would say such Things Like that, Aww Poor Lil TINK TINK Your heart must have been Broken in a Million Pieces By A Virgo. Ive Have Never Met A Ugly Virgo In My life.

    2. Angel D

      Wow! Are a terrible judge of character.
      If your message doesn’t wreak insecurity, I dont know what does.. seek help. Lmao! Please.

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