Spirit Guides 101

We often hear about spirit guides when we’re having a psychic reading. But who are they and what do they do? Our psychics, who often use their own spirit guides to find out more about you or to speak directly with your guides, believe we are all born with one spirit guide who has been assigned to us at birth by a higher power.

Eventually, we may accumulate more. They are around to give us a head’s up when we might be in danger or point us in the direction of help when we need it. And with few exceptions they communicate with us only when called upon for guidance.

Many psychics find their spirit guide (or guides) to be an invaluable asset in their work, so they are very aware of who they are and have cultivated a relationship with them. We can all get to know our guides and use their assistance as easily as our psychics do, as the benefits are numerous, they say.

Accessing their guides, our psychics tell us, is quite simple. “I just look into my third eye and there they are,” describes Tammy ext. 9380. “My guides seem to come in on demand like cable channels. Spirit guides are loving and neutral and non-judgmental. In readings they don’t tell people what to do or what not to do. They tell me about the situation I’m looking at… people’s true intentions and pathways. They give me names and locations and all sorts of other things,” she reveals.

Maryanne ext. 9146 agrees it’s easy to access your guides. “After so many years, the direction and input from them during a reading is automatic. I just open my mind to them.”

Our psychics say their spirit guides may show them symbols, give them information in dreams or connect with them intuitively. Guides are a part of these psychics’ everyday life, so they are always in readings with them, they reveal. “And, one thing, I am sure of,” one of our psychics adds lightheartedly, “they have kept me safe while driving.”

Jesse ext. 9027 adds that spirit guides can offer a valuable, slightly different view of our world. “My guides have wonderful advice and give brilliant insight because they are where they are – not where we are.”

When times are tough, or people are in transition new spirit guides may be added, appointed or requested. “Even friends or family members who have passed can ask for permission to join our guides,” explains Esther ext. 9669.

So how do we make contact with, introduce ourselves to, or find out who our spirit guides are? “First you have to believe in your heart that they’re around,” Bobbi encourages.

Reed ext. 5105 speaks for many of our psychics who feel that the best way to contact one’s spirit guides is with a calm, centered state of mind. “Meditation is vital to that state of mind.”

For those who would prefer to begin by simply connecting the name of their main guide, Abrielle ext. 9894 recommends going to your sacred space or place with a notebook. Find calmness or meditate and tell your spirit guide that you’d like to know their name intuitively. Suggest that you’ll be back at a very specific time the following day to write their name in your notebook. When you return the next day at the designated time, you will know their name.”

When you do take the time to get to know them, our psychics tell us, you may find them very special, amusing, interesting and, of course, kind and loving teachers.

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