Meaning of an Elephant Sighting

Meaning of an Elephant Sighting | California Psychics

A Mighty Presence

You have to admit, there’s something almost magical about being in the presence of the almighty elephant. Unfortunately, most people will only get to experience this at a local zoo, by watching a National Geographic-type program, or by following a wildlife photographer on Instagram.

Elephants emit an aura of strength and power unlike any other animal in the wild. These sensitive creatures are loyal to and protective of their families/herds. They live in matriarchal societies that promote trust and respect within them, obvious to even the most casual observer. They are intelligent, sensitive, playful, loving, and equally fierce when protecting their clan. And when it comes to their young, sometimes it really does take a village, and that is just one of their secrets to successfully living in the wild. They are nature’s gentle giants.

Elephant Symbolism and Spirituality

As a whole, elephants represent positivity and new beginnings. In feng shui they are viewed as symbols of good luck and prosperity as well as maintaining the balance between the playful young elephant and the calm, assuring wisdom of the adult. Physically, their large heads are a symbol of this universal wisdom, and their trunks are said to emit the meditative sound of “OM,” believed to be the first sound heard at the birth of our Universe, representing life itself.

Elephant as a Spirit/Totem Animal

There are elephant totems or totem poles that show one elephant on top of another’s back. They can be made of pottery, wood, or other materials and can range in size from the smallest trinket to the size of an actual totem pole. The meaning is to see oneself as part of a community rather than just as an individual.

If the elephant is your totem animal, it is important to your inner well-being to be socially connected to others as well as connected to nature. It may also be a call to leadership within your community. Similarly, if the elephant is your spirit animal, it may be you who is capable of bringing peace and restoring harmony within your group or herd.

As your spirit animal, you can call upon the elephant when you need to heal from past memories or traumatic events. The elephant will guide you through a wide range of differing emotions. Elephants can dig up old memories, good and bad; and as an animal with a long memory, it may call upon you to forgive, even if it’s likely a situation you’ll never forget. It will help you find calm, peace, and give you the faith needed to trust your own intuition and to find inner tranquility.

Elephants Within Dreams

When an elephant shows up in your dreams, it can be hard to ignore. Perhaps that’s the point. Like the “800-pound gorilla in the room,” we often refer to when speaking of things that we can’t ignore, the elephant arrives to get your attention.

Like a carefree youth, dreaming of a young elephant is a message to you to perhaps add more levity and playfulness into your daily life. Alternatively, dreaming of an adult elephant can be either a reminder or a warning that something is coming up that may need your attention. If your dream shows a group of elephants stampeding, it can be a warning that something disruptive may soon occur.

Dreaming of an elephant may also be a message from your subconscious, making you aware of the need for patience and empathy toward people around you. Also, as elephants are known for their incredible memories, an elephant dream may also symbolize the need to let go of an old notion, belief, or a part of your past.

Generally speaking, seeing an elephant in your dreams can symbolize good luck, wisdom, and even strength, for even the toughest things we go through can help make us stronger overall. Think of events going on around you, and likely you will see how the wisdom of the elephant can enhance your life. In African and Asian cultures, this is certainly the case, awake or asleep.

Elephants in Folklore, Mythology, and Religion

In some African mythology, the elephant is revered as the King of Animals, known for its wisdom and ability to resolve disputes.

Buddha’s birth is believed to have been foretold to his mother in the form of a dream about a white elephant. Also, it is believed that elephants are the early embodiment of all of Buddha’s wisdom and power.

The Hindu elephant god, Ganesh (or Ganesha), is a popular god who is known for symbolizing good luck, wisdom, and success.

In Japanese culture, the Baku, with the claws of a lion and the head of an elephant, is known as a ‘dream eater.’  If a child wakes up from a nightmare, he/she can call upon Baku to come and devour the nightmare.

How You Can Use Elephant Energy in Your Life

In the practice of feng shui, elephants symbolize wisdom, good luck, strength, and protection, according to They suggest placing one or two elephants by your front door, facing inward, to usher in positive energy. Alternatively, you can place a set of elephants by your front gate, positioning them outward to guard and protect your property. Try putting an elephant figurine on your desk to bring good luck to whatever you create there. The bottom line is, trust in the elephant, for it will always be there to help, support, and protect you.

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