Ask Your Spirit Guides: Reconnected After 32 Years

Dana in Tyler, Texas writes:

The only person that I am truly in love with is not communicating with me. We hadn’t seen each other in 32 years, and reconnected recently. I was falling in love with him all over again. We had a difficult time connecting when we were younger (teenagers) because we were both painfully shy and didn’t know what to do with our feelings.

Everything seemed to be going beautifully. Then we met each other for the weekend. The day was odd — he only gave me three tiny kisses, and by nighttime it fell apart. The next day he blindsided me by having me drive him home, and that’s where he said “goodbye.”

My heart is broken. I carried a flame in my heart for him ever since I was four. I have truly felt that he was my soulmate, and up until now, we were in relationships with ‘substitutes.’ I don’t understand what’s happened, and I want to wait for him to get it together and come back to me, but I can’t wait forever. I don’t want to live a lonely life, and I was so excited when it looked like we had a chance together. I am truly in agony.

Dear Dana,

I am very sorry that your long-cherished dream was dashed so cruelly.

The future is never ‘set in cement,’ but even if he does begin to communicate with you, I don’t think your dream man will ever be genuinely available for what you’ve always believed is possible with him. He, too, cherished a beautiful dream about the two of you, but when he was confronted with the reality, and thought about the day-to-day demands that any authentic connection brings, he wasn’t able to do it.

According to my Spirit Guides, he had two compelling reasons for backing out, but they are not for me to share with you, especially in a public forum such as this. I hope he will at least find the courage to tell you what made this dream impossible for him, but it may be just too difficult for him to discuss.

Your feeling that he is a very important soul connection is correct, and, of course, that has made the situation even more difficult for you. It’s particularly painful when one person is aware of a soul contract and the other is not, and you are left knowing that a beautiful and profound possibility will not be realized. But this happens more often than you might think, and if you allow yourself to grieve for a while, you will reach a point where you are at peace with what happened, and then you’ll be free to move on.

It’s not your destiny to live a lonely life, and when you have given this time to settle, you’ll be ready to attract the possibilities that are in store for you and live fully for perhaps the first time in your life.

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