Ask Your Spirit Guides: Where Is Her Sister?

I have lost both my mother and my sister to breast cancer. I was very close to both of them, especially my sister, my best friend. I’ve dreamed of my mother a few times that I can clearly remember and even having heard her voice warning me to be careful during a difficult time in my life. For some reason though, I have heard nothing from my sister, even though I have asked God or my Guides and Angels so many times to allow her to come to me in dreams, and to help me remember these dreams. Can you see any reason why she will not come forward for me?

Thank you, Patricia in Calgary, Canada

Dear Patricia,

Although it’s not much comfort for those of us here on the Earth plane who miss the people we loved and lost, it’s not at all unusual for a person to be whisked away to new tasks. There’s a wonderful article by Psychic Faith, Guardian Angels vs Spirit Guides” on this site which explains quite a bit, but let me tell you a bit about what’s going on with your sister specifically.

First, your sister is still connected to you. I can see a wonderful, undulating silvery white cord which links the two of you, and which she monitors with a part of her expanded consciousness all the time. But the majority of her focus is definitely elsewhere for now.

And, while your mom was back by your side pretty quickly to watch over you and provide guidance, your sister is apparently in intensive training to prepare for a series of lifetimes in which she will be vitally involved in events and actions which are very important to the evolution of Earth, our species, and all the others with which we share this beautiful green and blue planet.

In spite of all this, she is always aware of you, and sends you energy and wisdom, but in a different form than that of your mom. According to what I’m seeing, what you receive from her bypasses your brain, your normal communication receptors, and is infused directly into your energy field and cells. When you ask for help she responds powerfully, but in a way you’ve not learned how to detect.

You might try the following exercise to help you be more aware of her presence. As you relax before sleep, go deep within your body and allow yourself to be aware of your cells, the space within each, and the space between each. Adjust your awareness so you feel the presence of Life Force in the tiniest part of your being. Then ask your sister for assistance for whatever’s troubling you and pay close attention to what you feel. You should be aware of shifts and an infusion of energy, almost like the tide coming in, almost immediately.

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