Ask Your Spirit Guides: Her Animal Totem

I journeyed to find what my power animal is, and while I have Brown Bear energy and Puma energy, the Owl came forth and pronounced it was my Totem. I am wondering what take you have on the energy of Owl, if you pick up something in this energy that I have not.

Thank You – Marianne, Arizona

Dear Marianne,

Power, Medicine or Totem Animals are a form of Spirit Guide, and your Owl is definitely a very powerful one!

When I tune in to your Owl, I initially see only its eyes, which tell me that clairvoyance or extended vision is the primary gift it gives you, although there are other gifts as well. Have you seen your Owl clearly? From what I can see, it appears to be a Great Horned Owl, but I know that Long-Eared Owls and Screech Owls also have similar “horn” tufts. I recommend reading up on the right one, or all three if you’re not sure, in either the Sibley or Audubon Society books about birds. Learning about your Totem Animal’s lifestyle and habits can give you a great deal of information about how it will support you.

In the meantime, here is what your Owl says: “Through me you can see clearly in places and at times when others cannot see at all. Do not be afraid of this gift, and you will learn over time to trust your insights even when others with different vision disagree. Because I am an Owl who moves in complete silence through the night, and a predator, and because some myths and cultures associate my appearance with death, many people fear my presence. But there is no need to fear, because my gifts are meant to be placed in service to others who cannot see into their own hidden places. Because your role is to illuminate, you may call on me to guide you unerringly toward where light is most needed.”

Marianne, Owl is issuing an invitation, not a command. Journeying with Owl can be pretty intense, and is a great responsibility, requiring that you apply its gifts with care, intelligence and due caution, because it naturally takes you into very sensitive and vulnerable places.

If you’re not already a trained counselor or psychic, I suggest you consider them as possible professions. You also may want to deepen your understanding of psychology, especially Jungian psychology, by reading authors such as James Hillman. Such a powerful Guide demands that you either acquire the knowledge and training needed to serve its higher purpose to the best of your ability, or choose another path, which is your option and privilege.

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  1. Katie

    I came upon a screech owl. Adult male, gray and small and looked like it had a broken wing. Eventually was able to get him into a box that I put a towel on the bottom, poked holes in and made dark and warm for him until the Wildlife location was open the next morning. The next morning, I looked into the box. He was standing and minding his own business. Then right before I was to leave my home, I looked again and saw him on his side. His eyes looked into mine and he was breathing heavy with his beak opening and closing and his tongue going in and out. I thought could he be dying?? I said in a calming voice, you’re going to be alright, you are safe. I closed the lid of the cardboard box and off I went to the Wildlife museum. I was there for about 5 minutes, they thanked me for doing all I could to rescue the injured owl…but said he had passed. What does this mean? I believe in signs. This could be nothing and I will go on with life as normal, but to see an owl, to take care of one, have one in your home for a night, and to bring to the wildlife docs to rescue is not typical. I can see saving a cat or dog…but an owl is sooooo odd to find during daylight hours. Please tell me if you know what all this could mean. Thank you


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