Ask Your Spirit Guides: Emotional Suffering

Ann from Tennessee writes:

I have struggled a lifetime with depression and emotional neediness. Now in menopause, the struggle has deepened. I work full time and force a positive attitude, so as not to worry others. What in the world can I do to help myself overcome the emotional suffering? I am trying everything I know — I won’t stop trying — but I would certainly appreciate any suggestions.

Dear Ann,

Your Spirit Guides immediately presented me with the image of your soul as a sacred chalice. Your emotional neediness and depression are signs that the sacred chalice which you are feels empty. The solution is to fill it with its natural substances, spirituality and well being. The courage and determination that you’ve refined and strengthened all your life will do the rest.

This image is the key to your fulfillment and, like most symbols, it may seem simple, but it’s packed with wisdom, which you can access fairly easily.

You might want to begin by investigating online what chalices mean symbolically, the Holy Grail in particular. Psychologist Carl Jung has fascinating insights on this subject. Tarot provides other meanings as well. Here, Cups are about emotions, and the Ace of Cups usually shows a chalice overflowing with the unconditional love — for others and for yourself — that gives incredible sweetness to everyday life.

A next step would be to learn more about the gifts that comes as a result of your extreme emotional sensitivity. You appear to have a very high level of empathic ability, and I’d recommend that you browse the newsletters and blog at (just search ‘Empath’), and learn what we Empaths do to make life easier.

Next, I am told that there is a man who works near where you live or work, who appears to be either a Catholic or Episcopalian priest, who would be a wonderful spiritual advisor for you, no matter what your beliefs.

Most important, work with the image of yourself as a sacred chalice being constantly filled with unconditional love and well being, and with spiritual insight. Your Spirit Guides and Guardian Angel have created this symbol as a kind of hologram of mental energy that has three purposes. It is 1) a way for your guides to contact you, 2) a way to help you transform what has been a challenge into a blessing on a cellular level, and 3) to help you better understand yourself, both emotionally and spiritually.

Simply visualize your chalice regularly, and begin each day by asking your Higher Self, Angels and guides to fill you with unconditional love and well being.

Your longings are part of your soul’s purpose, Ann, and now that you understand what they’re about, you can begin healing.

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