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Lola in Honolulu writes:

I’m getting married this month and this wedding has been a very emotional event for all involved. I’ve lost quite a few people these past few years. And, as is the Hawaiian tradition, we are placing leis on reserved chairs for those that are no longer with us. I am interested to know… will any of them be attending the wedding?

Dear Lola,

Seen from the viewpoint of the spirit world, your wedding is an awesome sight!

One of the guides who came forward when I read your letter has shown me a vision of your wedding, and answered your question specifically: “The chairs you have set aside with leis for those you lost are full, but one of those for whom a chair was intended is standing in front with the bridal party. The last chair was given instead to one who has been gone longer, but who feels that chair is theirs by right of love and family standing.” I asked for names, but was told the focus of this visit is more on the family than them as individuals.

As I look at the vision of your wedding, I can see that the one who’s standing in front appears to be behind and slightly to the left of the bridal couple, as though they are a bridesmaid or groomsman. The light surrounding you and your husband is so strong that I can’t tell if it’s a man or woman.

The ceremony is absolutely packed with Beings of Light, spirit guides and angels and devas (angelic nature spirits) and more, and there is what I call an Overlighting Angel hovering over the whole event, binding and blending the families with “history and holy love.” There is so much history at this event! Almost everyone at the wedding is accompanied by at least one spirit guide, and the Beings of Light are partying and mingling as much as the guests are.

Amazingly, several beings came forward to answer your letter. The first is a very large man … tall and broad, and built like a member of the Hawaiian royal family, probably in late middle age. He has a bright red shirt hanging out, a face slightly longer and more square than is typically Hawaiian, I think. He is a strong and energetic presence, and is very protective of you. I’d say he’s one of your more important spirit guides, and he says if you wish his help, you can call upon him with the name Bruno.

Second to appear is very interesting, indeed! She seems to be the “lost princess” Kaiulani of Hawaii. Next is a very old Japanese man. He’s just there, not asking questions or interacting, but simply benevolently watching and listening to what’s happening. He says he is your grandfather. And the last spirit guide I met is a middle-aged woman in a muu-muu, full of life and laughter, glossy, healthy skin, curly or wavy black hair, amply built, and with arms made for hugging.

They are all here for you, Lola, to provide wisdom and active, loving support throughout your life. Thank you for inviting me to your amazing wedding in this way, and may you and your husband’s future together be blessed with love and fulfillment.

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