Should I Try Different Psychics?

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Like a snowflake or fingerprint, each psychic is different. No two psychics are the same, and no two readings are the same. When you try different psychics, you get to experience a range of abilities, tools and reading styles. Some of our clients have their one go-to psychic, while others have a circle of go-to psychics they like to consult. We encourage you to read with whomever you choose. However, there are benefits to reading with different psychics.

1. Different psychics give different perspectives.

Let’s say you’re having a problem with your significant other and you can’t seem to understand him. You may want to call a male psychic to get the male perspective. Or, you could be having communication issues with your mother. Wouldn’t it be great to get the perspective of an older, maternal psychic? Different psychics have different perspectives and that’s especially helpful when trying to understand another person’s point of view.

2. Different psychics can address your changing needs.

What concerns you one day may be the very thing that’s furthest from your mind a week later. Or maybe your biggest concern one week has been overshadowed by something even more concerning just a month later. Perhaps you need a more compassionate reading on a Monday, but once the weekend comes you’re ready for an inspirational reading. No matter what challenges you face, you can be certain that your needs will change and we have psychics for your changing needs.

3. Different tools and abilities give you a fuller picture.

Let’s say you and your psychic have been discussing your romantic relationship. You want to know if you’re with your soulmate and your psychic shares what they see for you and your partner. You used to ask your best friend what they thought of your significant others, but they’re recently passed away and you feel lost. You feel like you can’t take the next step unless you know how your friend feels. But the psychic you’ve been talking to isn’t a medium — they can’t communicate with deceased loved ones. However, customer care can find the perfect psychic medium for you. Now you have two psychics who can read your relationship!

4. The psychic you want may not be available.

Our psychics are really busy helping people just like you. They have many clients who come to them in their time of need. You could make an appointment with your favorite psychic, or arrange a callback, but some issues can’t wait! That’s why it’s important to have a psychic circle. It increases your chances of speaking to someone you trust right away.

Customer care loves giving psychic recommendations! They read with our psychics too, and have their go-to psychics to pick from. If you aren’t sure who else would be a good psychic match, just call customer care and let them help you build your psychic circle.


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  1. Karen

    Penelope was so understanding
    Caring and helpful Thank You !
    Just purchased more minutes
    Can’t wait to talk to her and tell
    her the good news LOL : )


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