Scorpio Monthly Money Horoscope

September 2018

You’re an enterprising sign who has a sixth sense about when to spring into action. Astrologically, the planets Jupiter and Venus, in particular, must be making your spidey senses tingle. However, big ideas can require big funds, so if you need a little help making a “million-dollar idea” come true, try posting a GoFundMe account near the 9th. You’ll have the added support of a New Moon in meticulous Virgo on that same day. On the 10th, Mars, now at full-speed ahead, will enter unpredictable Aquarius in your fourth house representing home and family. You could find yourself in a changing domestic situation. Perhaps you lose a roommate or gain one or maybe you’ll need to move. Whatever happens seems to come out of nowhere and will probably require a bit of cash. This would be the perfect time to get the advice of a Life Path Psychic to find where all these changes are leading. Keep in mind as your juggling finances, thinking long-term is the way to go. Venus will retrograde in October, but she’ll return to your sign on December 2. As long as you stick to a financial plan of action there’ll be no need to worry.

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