Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

September 2017

Single or attached, break from the background a little and show the world (or your significant other) the showy side of your personality that only comes out once in a blue moon. Mercury is now direct after a three-week retrograde period. Retrogrades can make us long for yesterday, but the time to take action is after the retrograde is over. So if you’re missing someone, give them a call after the 9th, because Mercury needs a few extra days to get steady. The real star attraction of your September 2017 Love Horoscope is October. Don’t feel confused. Instead, feel joyful because Jupiter, the gift-giver, is about to enter your Sun sign for a 13-month stay beginning October 10. Now is the time to start thinking about what your best possible life would look like, and work over the next year towards making it happen. Use the Law of Attraction.

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