Scorpio Monthly Money Horoscope

November 2017

Are you feeling lucky, Scorpio? Well, you should with the Sun and Mercury in your second house of cash and lucky and expansive Jupiter newly arrived in your Sun Sign. November may just be lucky for you and your wallet. This is a great month to go out and try your hand at speculative, short-term investments or even something as simple as playing the lottery. Good days to invest your time in either would be the 11th, 17th and the extra-magical 25th. The other reason to like November 11 would be the awesome trine between Saturn (also in your second house) and Uranus. This is the last trine like this in a series of three, and one of your best chances this year to turn a hobby or idea into a lucrative money-maker. Whether it’s part-time or full-time, the income should be a nice booster. And if you’re having enough fun and success, then turning it into a full-time venture is fully supported by the Universe.

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