Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

July 2019

If you’re seeking new love, look in faraway places Scorpio. It is definitely time to take that long-distance trip if you’re single, because the Solar Eclipse on July 2 will reveal an attractive stranger who could be your next romantic connection. The Full Moon activating your third house on July 16 could find you back at home, making the rounds and catching up with friends and neighbors. Share your travel photos with your friends because among the group will be a neighbor who now sees you through a different lens. Pleasure could follow if you are open.
If partnered, take that trip to visit with siblings you’ve long neglected. Take your partner too, because a side trip will prove sensational. Connect in an extraordinary way together because the depth of his or her feelings for you will be revealed due to the eclipse energies operating so strongly now. Call an Astrology Psychic if you’d like more insight.

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