Scorpio Monthly Money Horoscope

February 2018

Just like your earthen cousin, Virgo, you should circle February 3rd on your February monthly money horoscope calendar. You have expansive, no-limits Jupiter in your first house and on that particular day, it will be at a cozy angle to Venus who just simply loves to shop for big-ticket items, just like you do sometimes. Not to mention that Venus will be in rebellious Aquarius. Both you and Virgo could use a little constraint if not supervision while out near shops, and absolutely don’t go together. You just got through Saturn in your second house for two and a half years, so chances are you know the value of holding onto what you’ve got. However, there’s also a big chance you could convince yourself that you deserve a big purchase after having Saturn in your money house for two and a half years. The best advice for February 3 is to stay home and meditate, and making “money is power” your mantra.

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