Aries Monthly Money Horoscope

September 2017

Mars, your ruling planet, steps into Virgo aka your sixth house on September 5. The sixth house represents your work, habits, and daily rituals. Here you have an opportunity to make some extra cash—either through overtime, a part-time job or just working your way towards a raise or attracting new clients. Your motivation is likely some debt that you carry that you’d like to be rid of. Good for you! You may also quit a habit that will result in extra savings. Stash that cash in a jar and by month’s end, you’ll have some fun money as well as the satisfaction that you stuck to your guns and accomplished a lot. Your timing on this is somewhat serendipitous as this is the last full month that you will have lucky Jupiter in your seventh house before it moves on to your eighth house of shared money and intimate relationships. Though Jupiter is a fortunate planet, this transit could amp up a feeling of being overwhelmed. In hindsight, you’ll be glad you cleaned up your act. Look to the 24th of September when Mars opposes Neptune (retrograde) for clues.

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