Aries Monthly Horoscope

September 2019

The stellium of planets in Virgo now form a quincunx with your sign and you will be feeling a little prickly as the month begins, Aries. Your ruler, Mars, conjunct the sun on September 1 will give you loads of energy for work but won’t lend itself as well to love. The Virgo Mercury coming up shortly behind them could make you critical about those you love the most, so remember to speak only after thinking things through the first week of the month. Venus in her sign of “fall” will be showing her exacting nature now. Arians currently in partnerships will experience breakthroughs in love when Mercury and Venus enter the sweet sign of Libra, your seventh house of intimate partners, lighting it up for the rest of the month. Single Arians will find the final week of September glorious when the sun joins the others in that sector. The New Moon in Libra on the September 28 will be the best time to make plans with your current crush for the future.

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