Aries Monthly Horoscope

August 2019

With all the bright planetary beams trining you from friendly Leo in the beginning of August, you may be tempted to not stop to sleep or even take a breath. Mars, your ruler, is in the hottest and highest sign of the zodiac now, and is joined by Venus, the sun, and the moon at month’s beginning. You may have trouble deciding where to point the huge energy current you now have flowing.

Romantic opportunities will demand time and attention if you are single, but don’t neglect your career. Chiron, the wounded healer, retrograding in your sign, may bring up a few doubts in that area. The key will be to feel the fear, then go ahead and do it anyway, whether in romance or work areas. You can’t lose with this kind of planetary support!

Partnered Aries will find attending a gala event with their mates one of the year’s highlights for both of them. Be sure to accept that invitation in your mailbox. Your fifth house of fun and pleasure is glowing brightly, so wear something colorful. Purple, gold, and red will do just fine.

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