Aries Monthly Horoscope

April 2018

Impulsivity in love reigns on the 15th when two excitable things happen in your sign. First, Mercury goes forward again, lending to that “let’s get moving” feeling. Second, there’s a New Moon, also in Aries, urging you to move life forward and right away. If you’re dating, you may suddenly feel that things aren’t progressing fast enough in your relationship. If you’re single, you may want to consult a Life Path Psychic to see if you’re on track. It can be validating to know that you’re on the right path to love, but if you’ve veered off of the trail, a psychic can help you find it again. Then give yourself a little while longer to see how the Universe takes care of your love life. You may be pleasantly surprised. For those already coupled, this energy will just bring you closer and you may even make plans to take an impromptu trip.

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